Unbeated and written in thirty minuets or less.

Thirty years they'd been in love, and thirty years they had done nothing.

Robert followed Devin with his eyes as the younger man wandered effortlessly through the throng of chattering people. Smiling at this person, exchanging greetings with that one, invariably returning again and again to Robert's side.

Devin looked over at him and caught Robert's gaze with a smile before snagging a glass of wine and heading over.

Robert nodded as his friend sat in the chair next to his without saying a word.

"Alana was asking about you again." Devin said, his voice pleasant and neutral. Alana had been a friend of theirs for so long Robert had forgotten what it was like to not have known her.

"Really?" Robert said softly, " What was she nosing in on this time?" He looked out over the crowed again, this time in search of the aforementioned busybody.

"She wanted to know if we were ever going to get our heads out of our asses and admit we're in love with each other." Devin replied with a dismissive shrug. He glanced sidelong at Robert before returning his attention to the tart wine he'd picked up on his way over.

"Did you tell her we already know?" Robert said as he finally spotted Alana, flirting with some man at least twice her age. He shook his head at her behavior, nothing ever changed.

"Of course. And she asked me if we were ever going to do anything about it. I told her that was unlikely." Devin sipped dispassionately at his wine before setting it down with a soft sigh.

"Do you ever wish we had? Done something that is?" Robert asked tentatively after several minutes of silence, "It has been thirty years." He fiddled with his tie. They had never really talked about what might have been, only done what was expected of them and never complained, even when it had brought two loveless marriages.

Devin hesitated, uncertain and unbelieving that they seemed to be having that conversation here and now.

"I…I don't know, do you?"

"Every night" Robert whispered, his tone melancholy, "I know that you followed my lead in this, but I never really knew if I was making the right decision, leaving things they way the were." There had been one kiss, a few nights after final exams in their third year of university. A single moment of connection that neither had ever mentioned again. Well a single kiss and the next morning when they had woken, not wrapped in each other's arms like some harlequin romance, but cuddled together like a pair of puppies.

The two sat in silence for what seemed like hours, and may very well have been hours. Each stealing glances out of thee corner of their eyes and fiddling with glasses and napkins.

"Is it too late?" the question broke the silence, startling Robert out of his thoughts. Turning to look at his companion, he gave a small uncertain smile, 'is it too late to do something about it?"

"Not…not if you don't want it to be." Robert said feeling like his heart was going to pound a hole through his chest.

Devin smiled an leaned forward, and Robert forgot everything. Forgot that they were sitting in the home of a friend at his ex-wife's wedding reception, forgot that they were in the middle of a group of people that knew them in some fashion or another, forgot that he was suppose to uphold the family name with honor and dignity, as he and Devin shared their second kiss.

Thirty year's it had taken them, and it was more than worth the wait.