Boys, Friends & Sex Buddies
Chapter 7—Idiocy All Around

I should've warned him about my period but I guess he didn't mind the blood nor the smell. To be honest, I think he actually liked it which is, seriously, quite creepy. Poor Jenson, he'll eventually find a heavily filled condom behind the fire red paint can on the bottom shelf.

"Catcha later, sir." I smirked once he handed me the signed note for missing class and headed back towards his classroom.

He blushed a little, nodding once before disappearing through the doors. I think I'm going to miss his tongue the most.

The bell rang indicating break and I immediately jogged through to one of the doors leading out to the courtyard, I didn't want a herd of food-deprived students shoving me around. I quickly messaged Cisily where I was before momentarily taking a seat on one of the nearby benches. I didn't have to wait around long to hear Cisily's piercing voice.

"J.V!" she screamed although I was seriously five metres away from her.

It was weird to think that I still wasn't immune to her predominantly loud voice.

"Present!" I humoured her.

"Not in class you weren't," Cisily accused, pouting. "Where the hell were you anyway? I was going to text but you know how Mrs. Caine gets."

Should I confess? It's not like I kept it a secret from her before but I'd only informed her of one occasion, not several others. Even though Cisily had good intentions, her extremely loud voice magnifies any sound of gossip, especially if she were shocked… which, I guess, would be her most likely reaction.

"I had another detention, Cis." I improvised, hoping that she wouldn't ask who.

"With who?"

I don't know why I bother...

"Uh, I had to help Jenson. Mr. Donali was being slack." Well, it was a little true, we did do it in Jenson's closet after all.

She eyed me suspiciously before nodding. "Well, whatever—oh my God, Mrs. Caine gave me your quiz paper and you got seventy-eight percent!" Cisily grinned at my shocked face, looping arms with me and briskly walking off.

Woo, go me!

Someone violently nudged me on my right making me turn. Benji was strolling beside me wearing a huge beam on his face. "Heard you just got high marks for your quiz." he winked slyly at me and I had to stifle a laugh.

"Where the hell did you pop out from?" I asked in amusement, wringing my other arm through his. Benji shrugged, continuing to walk alongside us.

"Hey, Benj, where's Gar?" Cisily casually asked. I gave him a look and he made a silly face in return.

Benji leaned close to my ear that I could even hear the sound of his breath. "Gareth's up my ass," he whispered.

I howled with laughter receiving a hard nudge from Cisily's side. "What'd he say?"

I shook my head, discreetly pinching Benji's arm. He was such an idiot and that's why I loved him.

He'd always been there for me through both my highs and lows, whenever I'd been down he would always manage to somehow make me smile. I even smiled at the thought of smiling.

I was also fortunate enough to know how he was like in bed. The night was exciting, we were both drunk on a couple of large bottles of Baileys—I had mixed it in with chocolate milk which was absolute pure heaven. The laughter and the closeness was comfortably natural… so, one thing lead to another and alls well that ends well!

Benji chuckled. "Why are you so smug about, babe?"

I beamed, laying my head on his shoulder. "Oh, you know, the usual."

Cisily whined soundly next to me. "Where's Gar? I wanna put my head on his shoulder..."

"The usual, Jamie?" Benji inquired skeptically. "Ahh... you mean your sexual fantasies about me."

Letting go of Cisily's arm, I used the fist to punch Benji's side.

He merely wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Before long, we finally arrived at the canteen right at the other end of the school.

Gareth was already waiting at the table although he wasn't alone.

My eyes widened seeing Drake sitting at our table, he was seated across from Gareth whose back was facing us.

I could see Gar's hands folded in front of him on the bench; they looked deep in conversation, or Gareth was doing all the speaking and Drake was pretty much sitting there scowling.

As we approached, Drake immediately stood up, throwing a death stare at me before storming off.

I was about to question Gareth's odd motives but I'd barely opened my mouth only to be interrupted. By… well, who else?

"Gar...!" Cisily sing-songed.

Gareth turned just as Cisily leaped onto his back, strangling his unfortunate neck.

I couldn't help but fondly smile at them. I knew Gar would take care of her. He was a pro at these things.

"Jeez, woman, how many times do I have to tell you to lower the volume?!" the tone of his voice didn't match his broadly grinning face. Gareth reached around her, lifting her up and placing her tiny little bum on his huge lap.

He leveled down to her ear and whispered something inaudible.

Me and Benji simultaneously leaned in closer to hear.

Cisily instantly flushed. "I missed you, too..." she tried whispering though obviously it was a complete failure.

Benji laughed, going to take his seat and bringing me along too.

"Yous sicken me," he grinned at them taking a seat across.

Gareth chuckled, his arms firmly locked around Cisily's small waist. "What'cha gone do?" he carelessly shrugged, smiling.

Benji turned to me, nudging me roughly. "I'm getting kinda jealous..."

I arched a brow at his poor puppy-dog eyed attempt.

"You wish, Benj." I laughed shoving his face away with the palm of my hand.

"Oh, right!" Benji suddenly said turning towards the others again. "What's up with O'Clare?"

Gareth's face darkened to the face we all knew too well. "He called J.V., a trash tart."

I raised an eyebrow. "And you pretty much left my ass before you could say anything?"

"Well, I said it now." Gareth stated grudgingly.

Cisily bit her tongue. "J.V, I kinda dragged him off before he could do anything stupid and I didn't want to be late for class. It's my fault…" I honestly think that's probably the quietest tone I've heard her speak in.

I shook my head. "No, I'm not angry..." I said offhandedly, "I just want to know what you said to him." My eyes turning to the hulking boy under Cisily.

Gareth glowered. "I told the idiot to stay away from you or else he'd better not be within my sight." He looked so serious I didn't know whether to laugh at his facial or frown anxiously.

"Way to put it, dude." Benji praised, bringing his hand up in a motion for Gareth to slap it.

Gareth's expression went grim. "Dude, O'Clare is an idiot and he needs to learn respect.. what he did to J.V..."

I never really liked thinking about it. The certain situation was something that I wished I could erase from my memory. Over a year ago, Drake had been my first and official boyfriend, any other guys before him was just for fun and only ever tended to my abnormal desire in hooking-up.

Drake was the typical playboy but a charmer nonetheless, I guess the whole bad boy image draws me in. Anyway, we'd been going out for a few months when one night at some random's party, I'd caught him screwing, my friend at the time, Tilly Wagmeyer. Funny thing was that he'd seen me at the door, gaping at him and instead of apologising he goes, "You wanna join in, babe?" I did have morals... well, not really. But there was a certain point or some kind of invisible line I tried avoiding.

That first relationship pretty much sunk straight down the drain. And I've been a firm single, unattached girl since then. No committments but definitely heaps more fun. I liked it that way.I flicked Henry's smiling face away from my mind. Yep, heaps more fun.

Gareth suddenly yelped, in an effeminate manner, and I gawked at him with a mixture of shocked curiosity.

"Why'd you bring it up for?" Cisily accused his guilty reddening face.

I heard Benji snort lightly under his breath.

"Was it that necessary to bite me, woman?" Gareth responded, looking like the biggest fool trying to check his ear. No offense but he really seemed to appear as if he had an immensely nervous twitch.

Benji was, of course, dying from laughter beside me. I slapped him over the head before turning to Cis who tried not to look too amused at Gareth's paranoia.

"It's fine, I'm coping... It's all good." I smiled sweetly, albeit forced.

"See?" Gareth stated, vigorously rubbing his earlobe. "She's fine, you didn't have to bite me!"

By this point, Cis was now sitting on the bench as a result of Gareth shoving her off his lap. That must've been one hard bite.

"God, you're such a sulk!" Cisily stated rolling her eyes.

"Lovers feud already," Benji whispered matter-of-factly into my ear though his eyes were still trained on the other two.

I stared at him in disbelief. "Benj, they've always been fighting."

Benji nodded slowly, eyes wide. "Exactly."

I shook my head disbelievingly. "You're an idiot."

Benji grinned ear to ear, wiggling his eyebrows in a way that only he could pull off. "All the time, baby, all the time."

I laughed at the pompous tone of his voice.


We both turned and from beside me I could hear the sharp intake of Benji's breath. The joyful ambiance immediately turned tense, even The Lovers stopped arguing.

I spoke first. "Hey, Juls, where've you been, hon? You know someones been missing you." I winked at her.

Julia nervously smiled. Her hands were doing the jitterbug dance, not keeping still; it was probably worse than Gareth's abnormal twitch. Julia only ever did that when she was extremely anxious…

I surveyed her appearance, absorbing her slouched posture, weirdly unusual mismatched outfit (she'd always had such a taste in fashion) and scuffed brown sandals. Two words: Major malfunction.

"Juls...?" I started.

Benji stood up, without a word, and trudged out of the cafeteria.

Julia's angel face switched from tired to pained.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her body close. "Tell me what's wrong," I commanded her.

And her porcelain brown eyes began crying.

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