Full Summary:

Alexandra Sherwood's not your average eighteen-year-old girl. Not even close. And neither is the mysterious Kaleb Breslin, nor any of his family.

So, what happens when the demons of Alex's past come back to make good on their promise?

What happens when Alex and Kaleb find that they're not so different from one another?

What happens when secrets are uncovered, mysteries unlocked, and the ultimate unleashed?

The truth shall be revealed ...


I claim ownership of absolutely everything you read in the following posts, unless I express otherwise in my entries. Such disclaimers shall be stated in reference to clothing brands, vehicle manufacterers, and the like.

Rating Explanation:

This Fic has been rated Teen (T) by me for the following reasons:

1. Violence

2. Coarse Language

3. Slightly Adult-themed Content

I will warn you now, that those three things can be considered Mature (M) in rating. (Mainly #2.) And, so that there are no surprises, at the opening of any Chapter in which any of those three things will be escalted to a level of M, I will state for you specifically what it is.