we share the same face.

our smiles are both a fraction
of what we feel inside.
they hide and they tell truth;
it's always there no matter
how we feel.

we share the same eyes.

we have the same brown eyes;

they long for the same one
they dream of his sweet care.
they thought he was the one.

we share the same fear.

we were both afraid of not
being enough because
what we felt was so much.
and we didn't want the feeling
to go unshared.

we share the same heart.

we both wanted him.
we both believed him and
thought he was so perfect.

we share the same loss.

neither of us are with him now
and neither of us believe him
anymore; but apart of our hearts
still share the love for who he
used to be.

the difference is probably this:

you were the first;
i was the second.

and seconds are always remembered
as less than the first.

& I don't think he really cares (at all)
for me.

but girl, he will always love you.