Jiya's New Treasure

"So, are you going to explain these?" inquired Jiya, looking at me as he dangled his handcuffs from his fingers.

"What's there to explain?" I inquired from my spot on the bed.

"Why did you give them to me?" clarified Jiya, sitting on the bed, his golden eyes troubled.

"You don't like them? I just thought since you liked to play rough they'd be fun to try," I explained, disappointed that Jiya didn't like the treasure I had given him for our binding. He appeared to have like them during the ceremony. Had he lied or had something changed? Jiya frowned and his wings gave one big flap. "Maybe I misunderstand. I'm a historian and in every scroll we have handcuffs are a sign of imprisonment. They're used on thieves and murderers. Is that what you think of me?"

I gapped at him for a moment and said, "of course not! This is a misunderstanding and it's my fault for not realizing the extent of out cultural differences. Yes, handcuffs are used to arrest criminals, but people have found another use for them. People who like it rough use them in sex. That's why there's fur around the cuffs, so the metal won't dig into my wrists and hurt me."

"Really?" asked Jiya, eyeing the handcuffs.

"Really," I assured with a grin, "want me to show you?" Jiya purred in reply and straddled my hips.

"I thought so," I teased, raising my arms above my head, "now, handcuff one of my wrists. Then, pull the chain behind the bedpost and then handcuff my other wrist. Now I'm stuck. Completely at your mercy."

"Oh. I like that," murmured Jiya, his slitted pupils becoming wider in arousal.

He attacked my mouth with a passionate kiss and on instinct I went to wrap my arms around his neck only to fin that I couldn't. Jiya chuckled and his golden eyes smothered. Lord, he was so attractive.

"Now comes the fun part," whispered Jiya, biting my neck and giving my erection a tight squeeze. I screamed, not knowing if it was because of the pain or the pleasure. He roughly, but slowly sucked on my neck, alighting my nerves and leaving little marks of our play all over my neck. My neck wasn't the only thing that was getting attention; however, and with every suck on my neck Jiya would lightly run the tips of his nails up and down my erection. I swore, wondering if I would last long enough for Jiya to get these cursed pants off me, and bucked my hips as retaliation. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to give handcuffs to Jiya.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" teased Jiya, ripping the seam of my pants, "the one good thing about being in a harem: the only thing keeping me away from having your naked body under mine is a pair of flimsy pants." Having said that Jiya completely pulled off my pants, staring at me heatedly.

After Jiya had finished his inspection of me he slowly began pulling off his shirt. I watched as inch by inch his pale muscled stomach was revealed and felt my fingers twitch. I longed to run my fingers or tongue over his skin, claiming and remembering every inch of him as mine. By the time he had completely discarded his shirt I was straining against the handcuffs. His little show really helped me figured out that these handcuffs really gave me nothing else to focus on aside from what Jiya was doing and that just made everything more intense. Normally I would be half distracted by what I was planning on doing to him, but like this I could just watch and feel.

"Do you like it? It seems like torture to me," murmured Jiya, leaning over me and nibbling on my ear. I took the opportunity to plant quick butterfly kisses on his shoulders and chest before he pulled away and tsked at me. "You can't touch."

"I'm not touching," I whispered with a loving smile, "I'm licking." Jiya chuckled before beginning to nimble on my side and I squirmed, trying not to laugh as his lips tickled my skin.

"Do you want them off?" questioned Jiya, stopping what he was doing and looking at me carefully. I knew that if I told him I did he'd take them off without another word, but I liked being able to just feel everything. I think he liked the fact that I was completely at his mercy for my pleasure and there was nothing I could do about it too. I shook my head and watched Jiya flash me that sexy smile that meant me was going to really pull out every stop to make me want to beg for it.

"Then, lets put them to good use," stated Jiya, sliding his mouth over one of my nipples while he poured some oil on his fingers. I gave a loud groan not only focusing on Jiya's tongue swirling intricate designs on my nipple, but also the anticipation of what was getting ready to happen. With all this information swirling circles around my brain Jiya was moving too slowly for my tastes so I bucked my hips and gave a small, frustrated whine, hoping that he would get the hint.

"So impatient," purred Jiya, smirking against my chest before thrusting his fingers into me. My eyes rolled back and I thrusted down on his fingers, trying not to pull against my handcuffs too hard.

Jiya gave my rights side a hard nip, soothing it over with his skilled forked tongue before taking the tip of my erection in his mouth. He gave it a few light licks before taking me completely in his mouth. I moaned and my hips gave an involuntary jerk at the sudden wet heat around my erection and I tried to think of something, anything really to do with myself other than just lay here.

My moan seemed to encourage Jiya and I gave a cry of pleasure as I felt him swallow around my length. Panting I grabbed hold of the bedpost my wrists were cuffed to and focused on thrusting down on Jiya's fingers so I wouldn't thrust into him mouth.

"Are you sure you don't want those handcuffs off?" asked Jiya, lifting his head up, "I don't think it's the same if I can't feel your fingers digging into my back when you get ready to come."

I rolled my eyes playfully, but shook my head. I wanted these handcuffs off so bad they were almost killing me.

Jiya grinned, unlocked the handcuffs, and removed his fingers. I gave a whimper of protest and spread my legs farther, inviting him to take his pleasure from me. Jiya's smirk turned predatory and he quickly stripped off his pants before entering me with one thrust. I felt involuntary tears gather in the corners of my eyes and wrapped my arms around Jiya's neck.

"Are you okay, Roscoe?" questioned Jiya, his golden eyes clouded with worry.

"I'm fine," I assured, shifting to get into a more comfortable position, "I'm just adjusting. You're big." Jiya nodded, but watched me more closely and slowed his thrusts. I huffed in frustration, not wanting to be treated like the fragile human I knew I was. I quickly thought of a solution to my problem.

I pulled Jiya's head down so I could gently suck and nibble on his ear, knowing that was one of his weak spots while I lifted my hips; and increased our thrusts. Jiya hissed, his golden eyes round with surprised and worry; and said; "don't make me put you back in those handcuffs." I couldn't help, but laugh at that and gently ran my nail over his navy blue wings. "But I thought you liked feeling my nails dig into your back when I cum?"

"Don't taunt me, Roscoe," purred Jiya, giving a practically hard thrust and I gasped happily, "I could handle giving up one of mating's joys if that will keep you from hurting yourself." I grinned, wordlessly taunting him before whispering all the dirty things I could do to him if only he left my hands free.

Jiya groaned loudly, slipping his forked tongue into my mouth, and hitting that wondrous spot inside me that made my eyes rolled back in pleasure.

"By Zekenee, this is the best treasure a dragon could ask for," murmured Jiya into my ear. If it had been any other time I'd have thanked him for the compliment, but right now all I could do was pant with pleasure and urge him to go faster.

Jiya, I had long ago discovered, loved to do anything to give you pleasure during sex so he went faster even though he looked wary to do so and then shutters raked my body before I came. Jiya gave a couple more thrusts before cumming himself and we laid on the bed, exhausted.

"Wow," I purred, snuggling into Jiya's arms, "maybe we should play with handcuffs all the time." Jiya chuckled, but shook his head. "Those are only coming out when we're alone, but before I do that maybe I should handcuff you back to the bed; and let Kamau and Sharif have a try so they know what they'll be missing."

"You're horrible," I groaned, gently shoving his shoulder.

"Ah, but Dear Samir that is what you love most about me," purred Jiya, grinning wickedly. I nodded my agreement with a smile and was grateful to whoever invented handcuffs.


WOW! Well, I think I did better on the smut than I've been doing recently, but who knows. :) I loved writing it though once I got the concept of what exactly was going to happen. How you enjoyed and please review!