As Night Breaks

The winding road,
Goes on ahead,
Spiraling forever,
In a tale of dread.
The wind whispers,
All it's lies,
In this forest,
Is where I hide.
Cast out,
Long ago,
My real story,
Nobody knows.
How I came,
Came to be,
And this monster,
Residing in me.

My fear,
It grows,
As I hear,
The thunder,
It grows near.
My heart boils,
My skin,
It aches,
My vision fades,
As night breaks.
With the dawn,
Of the night,
The colors bleed out,
Of my sight.
The shades of gray,
Reflect the scene,
A thousand times,
Back at me.
The trees, the leaves,
Beneath my feet.
And the clouds,
As they move,
To reveal,
The bright full moon.
I howl,
Only once,
As a sign,
Of a final good bye.