Short Poem About Flamers

In case you can't tell, "Annie" is Anne Robinson, the host of The Weakest Link - and I think flamers are the weakest link on the Internet.

Short Poem About Flamers

Oh why do you do it, dear flamers
Your hatred must be unsurpassed
You rant and you rave, you swear and you curse
At being the worst you're the best

You call women "bitches" as if they were dogs
I think that your brain resides in your clogs
Your grammar's appalling, your language is bad
You think you are "hard", but really you're sad

You switch on the Caps Lock and write FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!
If you tried for Mensa, you'd be out of luck
You live in the gutter, spewing out filth
I'd shoot you tomorrow and wouldn't feel guilt

You're ugly and smelly, you're stupid and dumb
I think that your parents must both have been bums
Your resemblence to Martians is totally uncanny
But I won't get my phaser, I'll just quote our Annie

You ARE the weakest link - GOODBYE!
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