Date: October 1st 2009

Time: 11:05 a.m.

Period: 2nd Period

Mood: Indifferent

I sat in Language Arts class waiting for an assignment. Our teacher was late. Again. I guess that was expected though. She got a new boyfriend. And she's always late whenever she gets a new boyfriend. And that happens a lot, might I add. Yeah, our teacher's not the most dateable person in the world.

Well, it's about 11:09 and she just walked in. Thus, our daily routine began. You see, in L.A. class, we have to write an entry in our journals. Yup, everyday. They said it's supposed to open our minds or some other mumbo-jumbo. As groans swept the class, I smiled to myself. I loved writing. It was like an escape for me. I wasn't one of the popular girls, and I surely wasn't an athlete. Because of that, I was pretty much ignored most of my life. But that doesn't matter. As long as I could write, I'd live.

We finally got our topic: The Most Amazing Thing You've Ever Seen. And on cue, whispers and chatter filled the room. My classmates where discussing what they'd write down. As usual, I kept to myself. Then, it happened. I lost myself in my writing. Just like I always did. I picked up my magic wand (aka my pencil) and started painting a picture with words…

'The Most Amazing Thing I've Ever Seen:

The most amazing thing I've ever seen is life. When I wake up, I see the sun. It's golden globe peeking down. It sends rays of sunshine through marshmallow clouds. When it's too cloudy, I see puffy cotton balls floating in a sea of blue. When I go outside I see the ocean, a vast playground for both predator and prey. And at night, I see the moon. A celestial being providing light. Then I see the stars. And I know they're watching us. I know that, for every shining speck, a person is looking down on me, watching over me and protecting me from harm. That's the most amazing thing I've ever seen: Life itself.'