Can you just leave me be? Why is this always you? Just thinking about you brings misery into me. You cause grief, death, destruction, anger, hostel behavior, and fury into my life. Can you just leave me be? Even of a second thought, tears of anger reside in me, begging to fall out. My dark precipice is waiting to release years and eons of anger≈behold, I am not the one of your Wars. Wars of Men have cowered over my cold, fringed body. A thousand years ago, this occurred: the coldness of the blade pierced through my warm melancholy skin. Too many tears were shed for one purpose, the loss of a soul. Forgiveness disobeyed my orders.

I was left to die in an unwanted state. It was a cruel life. A purpose now forgotten┘Darkness covered the world as the last rain fell. Stars fall from the sky, lighting up the world, lasting only minutes as the world falls back into the darkness it was once in. The hope of Men is astray, failing and dying. No soul has come for their aid. Minutes turn into days┘all seemed to be lost. There was no point in grieving. The Last Battle would end all wars for eternity. A selfless person would be able to fight for those who cannot. Protect them. Help them. Love them. I offer grace. Give them merciful grace.

I am seeking.

What am I seeking?

Is there anything to seek in the darkness?

I need a light. Give me a light to see.

Thoughts spun around me. Can you just leave me be? First impressions≈what a dreadful thing. My vanity and pride was wounded by first impressions. I only ask for forgiveness. A soul does not want to forgive but cause anger and hurt. The mind and tongue are powerful weapons used against me always┘forever. Priceless moments are forgotten. The only thoughts that remained in my mind were the tormented and the unwanted. Why do you always make me cry? Why do you hate me? I tried to run from my past, I forgot who I was. Then it happened┘suicide came into my thoughts. The touch of a cold silver blade was stinging against my skin. I felt liquid rush out. No! What was I thinking?! Take it back. Take it back!

It▓s too late. My candle of life has burned out. My life is finished. The crash of a knife rang in my ear. I felt my cold body collapse on the marble floor. I have escaped my cells. My soul was out.