Yes, another new story. These ideas just keep popping into my head! I swear. But I love where this one is going. So hopefully you guys will too. Enjoy!

The machine slowly beeps in time with my heartbeat, letting me know I'm still alive.

I'm still alive...

That's too bad.

Footsteps. They're getting closer. I shift anxiously in the hospital bed, uncomfortable with the fact that some complete stranger is going to be in a room with me. I know the medical staff means well but how do I know it's a doctor or nurse approaching when I can't see?

A squeak from the opening door. The covers fall off me from all my moving around. Who's there?

"Angela?" A gentle voice calls out from my right.

I relax and a sigh of relief escapes me. It's the night shift nurse. What was her name? Jennifer?

"Shh...It's just me, sweetie." She must have noticed how nervous I was. A cold hand felt my forehead, checking my temperature. "Hmm...stable. You must be hungry. Do you want to eat?"

I opened my mouth and tried to form words. A sharp sting in my throat reminded me that I had lost my voice, maybe permanently. I coughed as blood surged into my mouth, choking me a little. Jennifer lifted my head off the pillow and told me to spit. I did and she laid me back down.

"Try not to push yourself, honey. It'll be a while before you can talk again." I hear her dump something into the trash. It sounds like a cup. Oh, she had made me spit into a cup.

She says something else but I stop paying attention. There's a loud beep in my ears that's not coming from the machine. Like someone dropped a bomb and the blast is making my ears ring. Jennifer keeps talking. Is she ignoring it? No. She can't hear it.

My heartbeat picks up more speed than a normal heart should. The nurse finally notices something's wrong with me and leaves the room. Despite the loud ringing and the machine beeping, I hear her calling for help.

She's scared.

I am too.

My ears heat up. God, it's like they're burning. The heat slowly spreads from my ears to my face, until my whole body is covered by the invisible fire. A warm liquid slides down my face from under the bandages covering my eyelids. But it's not tears. There can't be any tears when there aren't any eyes. It slips into my mouth and I immediately taste something copper-like. It's blood. I'm bleeding? Why? How? My panicking only sends my nervous heart into a frenzy, beating so fast that I'm afraid it'll bust out of my chest. Bust right out through the bones surrounding it and land on the perfectly polished floor, still beating and flopping around like a fish out of water.

I shuddered and immediately felt a wave of nausea.

Footsteps again but there's at least six pairs of them this time. They're running too.

A sharp, stabbing pain in my chest makes me frantic. The fire that's engulfing my body won't leave. I can't take it anymore. It's too much. I start kicking and thrashing.

Is this what Hell is like?

There are at least ten people in the room with me now, shouting and running around.

"Stay with us!"

Why? The more I fight it, the more it hurts.


I'm tired of fighting. This is it. This is the end. Or maybe the beginning. Who knows? I feel the corners of my mouth lift a little bit. Might as well go out with a smile, right? Like Wolfe did.

Maybe Stryker was right after all.

Girls can't fight.

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