A/N: Another short one written for school. The challenge was "Write about a man who has just committed a murder but do not mention the murder."

He sighed as he tried scrubbing the garment once more, adding more soap has he worked. Even the extra strength detergent was failing to remove the ugly red brown stains on the shirt, but that's the price you pay when you lead a lifestyle like his. If only he had been a little less messy…

The door opened and there was a small tugging on his pant leg. "Daddy, what's that red stuff on your shoe?"

He pushed the wet shirt away and knelt down next to the pretty little girl, the incarnation of innocence and beauty, the apple of his eye. He delicately pulled one of her little red curls, just to tease her and see her flash that big smile, the one that almost looked out of place on her tiny face.

"Daddy just had a little accident, babe-o. No big deal,"

Her eyes widened. "You didn't hurt yourself, did ya?"

He chuckled, "No, no. Not myself, honey pie." Her face softened, the worry erased. "Hey, how 'bout this: Why don't you go put on your pretty pink dress, and we'll have a tea party in the garden? You just have to let Daddy take care of something first."

Excited by the promise of a tea party, she skipped off in search of suitable party clothes, her Shirley Temple curls bouncing and her shoes clicking on the linoleum. He turned back to the soiled shirt sadly and threw it in the garbage pail next to him.

That is the second one in the last three weeks. Blood is damn near impossible to get out.

Wiping his hands on his blue uniform pants, pulled out his cell phone and dialed. A woman answered on the second ring.

"Hello? John!? Is that you?" She was frantic.

"No, Mrs. Wilson. This is Adam Quinn, from the police department. I regret to inform you that we received an anonymous tip about your husband's whereabouts last night. He was found Dead on Arrival by the creek. Foul play is suspected."

She began to sob. He felt grateful that he hadn't done this in person. Hysterical wives are never fun to be around when you could really care less about them. He raised his voice so that she could hear him over her crying.

"I want to assure you that we are going to find whoever did this to your husband. I promise."