I leaned over the edge of my bed and slapped the alarm clock. Just five more minutes… I promised myself sleepily. School shouldn't start so early. It wasn't fair. My father was already at work. It was at times like these that I wished I had a mother. My mother had died when I was five years old in a car crash. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. "I'M UP!" I yelled at the alarm clock as I sat up quickly. I stormed across the floor, and went to open my closet. Why did Christmas break have to be over? I stared at the doorknobs as I walked over to the closet. As my hand touched the doorknob, I noticed that it had a layer of frost covering it. Watch your temper Chris… I thought to myself as I waited and let the doorknob go back to its normal temperature. As soon as my doorknobs had defrosted, I quickly threw on my school uniform. It was blue, which didn't downplay my eyes. It amplified their color, making them look like an electric icy blue. I noticed that I was running earlier than I had thought I was, so I decided to do something with my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror. How I loathed our blue blazers and plaid pale blue skirts. They were too blue. I hated blue. Which bring us back to my eyes. I looked at them in the mirror. They were an intense blue, they were an electric blue. They were bright. The kind of bright intense blue that would have people stop what they were doing, in order to stare at me. I looked at my hair in shock. It was actually deciding to cooperate today. It was slightly longer than my collarbone. It was a dark chestnut brown. It was straight, not pin straight though. It had slight waves, and it had some volume. Today it was down, but parted slightly on the side. I decided against doing anything with it, it looked absolutely fine the way it was. I would have to do something about my eyes. They were too blue right now. Everyone would suspect something. I opened up my contact case and pulled out my colored contacts. They were a blue, but a normal, human shade of blue. I put in my contacts, flinching for a second when the foreign object was placed onto my eye. "There." I said as I looked at myself once more. I looked normal. My eyes were normal. Thank god for contacts.

I walked out into our main area. This area had the living room and kitchen, and dining room. Our apartment wasn't too small, but definitely a good enough size. It was a fancy apartment. One of the nicest buildings in all of New York City. It was just my father and myself after all. I walked over to the counter where I saw my favorite box of cereal sitting on the counter. Attached to the box was a not from my father. It read:


Good luck at school today! Have fun. WATCH YOUR TEMPER!

-Love Dad

Despite what the message said, I felt anger building up inside of me. I was staring at the note. The edges of it began to freeze over. Frost and ice climbed up and down the note as I stared at it. I was fuming. Did he think I was an idiot? Of course I knew that I had to watch my emotions. I had only been taught that ever since I could understand English. I turned my gaze away from the note in order to let it unfreeze. It's not that I had anger management problems; I had to keep my anger under control. I decided to go and look at the calendar while I let the note unfreeze. I walked over to the wall and crossed out another day. Four days left until season four of my favorite show started. I smiled. Now that I was feeling better, I looked at another section of the calendar. Tomorrow dad would leave for one week. I suddenly felt sad. I hated being alone, I already didn't have a mother, so I didn't like letting my father out of sight. I stared at the calendar, but noticed that it had begun to freeze.

"Watch it Chris!" I murmured to myself.

It had been happening since before I could even remember. If I was too sad, or too angry, my eyes did strange things. If I let my emotions run away with me, anything that I am looking at starts to freeze. My mother had been the same way. If she let her emotions get away with her, anything that she was staring at would turn into ice. I guess that's why my eyes are an icy blue. My father isn't like me, he does know about it though. It would be kind of hard not to notice when your baby girl accidentally freezes your feet when you tucked her into bed. He is a doctor, Dr. William Vincent. My mother was Alicia Vincent, and I am Clarissa Vincent. I prefer Chris however.

I decided to skip breakfast. If I looked at the box and saw the note again, I would probably lose my self-control, and it would freeze. Wish the damn contacts could lock in the freezing… I thought grumpily. Instead I walked over to the counter and popped a piece of peppermint gum into my mouth. I stared at the clock. 7:46 am. I had fourteen minutes to walk to school and get to history class. I ran out of the apartment and took the stairs down. My father didn't like me riding in the elevator. It was a precaution, just incase for some reason I got all 'emotional' in the elevator. I slid down the stairs. Eventually I hit the main floor. I walked out through the main lobby.

"Have fun at school Chris!" Manuel the doorman said as I ran out the main doors.

"Thanks Manny!" I said as I hurried into the street. I only had a block to go. I could see my school from just outside of the building. I sighed. Here I come Hudson High. I thought drearily as I approached the beautiful building. It was the most expensive private school in New York City. Over 3000 students went here. I looked around me. A layer of snow coated everything. Thank god it was so cold right now, people wouldn't be as shocked if they noticed something was frozen when it was winter. People got very shocked when they noticed something frozen when it was summer. I tuned out the bustling road to my left. I had gotten good at tuning things out. I had to be in order to keep my emotions under control. I paid attention when it was time to cross the road however. I did so quickly, just avoiding being squished. It wasn't unusual this was New York after all. I approached the doors. Many students were surrounding the block. I went to open the door. Just as I opened the door I slid on some ice.

"Ah!" I yelped as I slid. Luckily for me, someone caught me. I didn't blush, but I did feel mildly embarrassed. I turned around to see who my savior was. "Thanks Noah." I said as I recognized some boy that had been in almost all of my classes since we were seven.

"No problem Chris." He smiled and winked. I quickly turned away from him and trudged into the school.

I shoved my way through the horde of students who were just standing in the main foyer admiring the murals on the walls. Of course they were beautiful, but I had seen them before. The scenes of wilderness and culture from around the world no longer entertained me. I shoved my way through the halls and finally hit my locker. I toyed with the lock for a minute, and then opened up the door. Inside were my books and my locker partner Gemma's books. On the inside of the door were photos that Gemma and I had taped up. The photos varied from us sitting together at the food court at the nearest mall a couple of months ago, to us trick or treating for the first time together when we were seven. She was my best friend, the first friend I had made at school.

I grabbed my history textbook, and hid behind the door of my locker, trying to suppress all of my emotions. That was the thing that I hated about school. I had to put on a poker face. I couldn't let anything bother me. I didn't have the option. What was even worse, was I couldn't even bear to think about not having any other option, it infuriated me. As I was trying to calm myself, Gemma bounded up behind me. "Hey Chris!" She said as she poked me in the ribs. I turned around and looked up to see Gemma.

Her chin length thin golden blonde hair framed her heart face. Her normal shaded blue eyes were lit up with excitement. She was tall and thin, she dragged me forward into a hug. I broke free after a moment.

"Hey Gemma! How was your break?" I asked sincerely. I truly loved Gemma like a sister. She was the sister that I never had.

"It was good! Our show went really well, except one night Julian screwed up his line, so I had to save his butt onstage!" She said quickly in a chipper tone. I laughed. Gemma was a theatre girl. She was always involved in some production or another. Just then the bell rang. "I have physics in room 644, but I can walk with you until hallway C." Gemma offered. I smiled.

"Yeah, okay. I have history in 432, then I have Gym." I said. I was looking forward to this morning's classes. I actually enjoyed learning about history, and I loved Gym. Gemma and I walked silently side by side until the hallway became to constricted. "See you later!" I said as I parted ways with Gemma. It was then that I saw room 432. I walked in without thinking twice. I did a quick survey of the room. Sam, Brittany, Lisa, Jenna, Tia, Josh, Matt, Jason, Andy, Becca, David, Bryan, Cynthia, Amy, Kristen, Taylor, Cameron, Drew, Lucy, Aaron, Kerry, Sierra, Rose and Noah. I could recognize them all immediately. I groaned as I realized that Noah was in my class.

Noah. He was in every class I had ever taken since I was seven. Gemma said it was fate. I said it was nauseating. At least this was my last year of high school. At least. To be perfectly fair, Noah was very handsome, tall, muscular, blue eyed, blonde hair. It was short, but the front of it was spiked up. I could go on and on. Unfortunately he was a jerk. He prided himself with how many girls he had dated and how far he had gone with each of them. He bragged about it all the time, he made me sick to my stomach.

I noticed that there was an empty desk beside him. He looked at me, winked and pointed to it. I rolled my eyes.

"As if Noah." I said as I walked straight past the desk. There was absolutely no way that I would be his latest 'conquest'. It was then that I noticed there was a new boy sitting all by himself in the corner. I didn't have any friends in this class, and it appeared that he didn't either. I slowly made my way to the desk beside his. He turned to look at me as I sat down. I was stunned for a moment. He was gorgeous. He had dark brown hair. It was shaggy. He glanced up at me with the most enticing eyes I had ever seen. They were a warm brown, yet there were streaks of amber in them. He had a chiseled jaw line that made him look very masculine. He had normal sized lips, and his cheekbones didn't stand out much at all. He looked like he was a model. I shook my head and then sat down. The thing that had most caught my attention was his eyes. He continued to look at me. He stared straight at my eyes. "Hi, my name is Clarissa." I said as we both continued to stare at one another.

"Hey, my name's Graeme." He said as he extended a hand. I smiled and shook his hand. He had a nice firm grip, it wasn't too loose, but it wasn't a death grip. He continued to stare at my eyes.

"Have you been here before? I don't recognize you." I said as I continued to look at the handsome boy in front of me.

"No, this is my first day. My family just moved from Toronto." He explained.

"Oh, cool. So how are you liking it here so far?" I asked him. "It's… okay I guess." He said, implying that he liked it better in Toronto.

"I understand the feeling, we moved here when I was six, I hated it at first. My father and mother and I used to live in Wisconsin, until my mother… my dad and I moved." I said as I let my gaze drop. I looked out the window, trying to calm myself down. Damn it! I thought. Why did I mention mom? This was not good. Whenever I thought about my mother's death, it felt like my insides had been ripped apart.

I felt angry when I thought about how her death could have prevented. My hands felt the urge to squeeze the life out of something. So there's MADD, but what about Daughter's Against Drunk Driving?

The window began to frost over. Ice began to coat it, creating beautiful patterns along the pane. The window was frosting over a little too quickly to look natural. I looked forwards and closed my eyes. I needed to calm down.

"Are you okay?" Graeme asked. Something in his voice sounded funny, like he knew something that I didn't. My body froze in place. My breath got caught in my throat. Crap! Had he seen the window glaze over? I hoped not, that would completely blow my cover. If anyone ever found out, I would be locked away; I would be a freak, a dangerous one too. That was the one thing I wanted to avoid at all costs. No one must ever know about what I can do.

"I'm just tired." I said quickly, locking my eyes shut until I was sure that my anger and sadness were under control.

"Oh." He said and let it drop. After a moment, I pushed away the sadness. Lock it in the vault, I told myself. I could cry about everything later.

I opened my eyes and looked back at Graeme. I gave him a quick smile to indicate that I was better now. To my intense surprise he didn't look confused or put off by my previous rude behavior. He seemed fascinated.

"What?" I asked; confused by the excited expression he wore. "Haven't you ever seen a tired girl before?" I asked sarcastically.

"Yes, yes I have Clarissa." He said back. This time he was slightly put back by my attitude. "I was just noticing your eyes." He said.

"Everyone calls me Chris." I said quickly as I moved my eyes to the front of the board, hoping that he would stop looking at my eyes. I didn't want people staring at them. I even got angry with my father when he stared at them more than was necessary.

"Do you not like the natural color of your eyes?" He asked curiously, but it sounded like he was implying something else.

I was already regretting not sitting by Noah.

"I'm not wearing contacts." I snapped quickly. This seemed to have no effect on Graeme at all.

"I can see, you are wearing contacts." He persisted.

"Yes, okay I am!" I said quickly. I was getting angry, he knew too much, and yet I had only known him for five minutes.

"Why are you wearing contacts?" He asked curiously.

"DROP IT!" I half-shrieked at him. I couldn't help but his way when I did so. I stared at his hand and let my anger get out of hand. I saw his hand turn slightly whiter. Stop it Chris! I yelled at myself. I tore my gaze away from his hand and heard him gasp. Damn it Chris! I scolded myself, why did I do that? Because he was bothering me… I don't know. I just got so mad, I didn't try to! I argued in my head.

He gasped and shook his hand. I looked back at him with a blank expression. Now that I had sort of slightly taken out my anger on his hand, I felt better. He didn't seem to feel all right though. Instead of just assuming his hand had just gotten cold, he looked at me. I was shocked, it looked like he had made a connection between the cold and my glare. I felt fear course through my veins. Had I just given myself away? Definitely regretting not sitting by Noah. Graeme gave me an angry glare. It looked like he wanted to stab me.

What happened next shocked me badly, and scared me. Graeme took his gaze away from my eyes and looked at my hand, he looked angry. Suddenly, my right hand (the one he happened to be staring at) felt warmer than usual. It was getting warmer. Even warmer. It felt hot now. Really hot! Boiling hot! It felt like if my hand got a single degree warmer it would burst into flames. I shook my hand and gasped. I looked back at Graeme. He was smiling now. He brought his gaze back up to my eyes, and the pain in my hand stopped. Just as I was about to ask him what the hell was going on, our teacher Mr. Faulkner walked into the room and began our lesson. I glanced at the board in pure shock. I didn't even pay attention to the next hour of class; I was too busy cradling my right hand, despite the fact that it was no longer in pain.

When the bell finally rang, I leapt up out of my chair and made a beeline for the door. I felt a hand on my elbow stop me. I turned around to see Graeme. I yanked my elbow away from him.

"Clarissa, wait. I want to talk to you." Graeme said.

"I don't want to talk to you! Stay away from me!" I said as I pushed by him.

"Clarissa, I know that you did that to me." Graeme said. I stopped dead in my tracks.

"I didn't do anything to you…" I said quietly as I made my way down to the Gym. I didn't turn around at all. I just stomped off into the changing room and changed. I took an extra minute calming down after I noticed that my lock on my Gym locker had frozen.

I walked into the gym, anxious for Volleyball. I didn't really like the sport; I was just excited to do something that would take my mind off of that weird encounter with Graeme. As soon as I entered the Gym I saw Graeme, and I nearly turned around and skipped the class. I would have if Coach Kimber didn't see me.

"Clarissa, get over here!" The coach yelled. I dragged my feet towards the main group of students. "You're late!" The Coach yelled.

"Sorry." I mumbled. "Clarissa, you can be Graeme's partner. Start volleying back and forth." The coach instructed as she ran off in the other direction to fix a student's volleying technique.

"I need to talk to you." Graeme muttered by my ear.

"Coach, I feel sick!" I yelled as I clutched my stomach.

"Go then!" She yelled back at me. It was all an act, but I was a good actress, so I ran out towards the washroom. Graeme ran after me.

"Stop running from me!" He yelled at me.

"Stop running after me!" I yelled as I continued running. "I know what you do, I do the same thing." He said quietly so that only I could hear.