Where Has It Gone

Life has its good and bad
There's always something to make you happy and sad
With its little bumps and grooves
And its softs and smooths

I know times can bee tough
And times have been rough
But everday I see
You withdraw more and more from me

But still I harbor my love for you
As I try to go on
But the more I try to carry through
The more of me thats gone

Vows of for better or worse
And from sickness and health
Life has turned into a curse
A storybook hell

Of wants and lust
And broken trust
Turned into true loves kiss
Made into more then it is

For what was onces beautiful and sweet
Now is a contest to win
A bitter fight to the end
To see who can make the other weep

A day doesn't go by
That someone doens't make one cry
Arguing and fighting is how the days end
And somewhere in the battle we lost our friend

How much we have changed in a few years
It scares me to see
How my worst fears
Have come to be

For now I don't notice you
I dont even know me
So how can we work it through
When we don't even notice the people we see