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Chapter 1: Enter Aurora High

Monday morning. The beginning of a tiresome week, just like always. However, something was different today for Ryofu Housen. She was attending a different high school. Sure, it was weird to be a junior, and transfer seeing as she only had one and a half year left. But it was something she would have to learn to live with. Plus, in all honesty, she felt kind of comfortable going to the new school. It was called Aurora High. It was a boarding school and oddly enough, it was a school for demons and nether worldly creatures. Ryofu, herself, was half demon.

Her father was a famous demon, and her mother, just a normal house wife human.

The only downfall was that she had to buy her own text books, just like a normal high school. She was carrying them; four very heavy, very thick, very old books to her dorm room. While walking down a hall, a girl pushes her, making her books clatter to the ground.

Girl: Oops, I'm sorry. I didn't see you walking there.

She helps Ryofu up.

Ryofu: Oh…that's okay.

Girl: Hi, I'm Amber.

Ryofu shakes her hand after picking up her books.

Ryofu: Nice to meet you. I'm-

Before she could finish, Amber knocks her books out of her hands again.

Amber: Filthy half breed.

She smiles and walks away to a group of girls.

Ryofu: (Picking up books again) Wow, I hope everyone here isn't a snob.

Then a boy walks up and helps her with her things.

Boy: Don't worry, some of us aren't that bad.

He smiles at her, and a small flush of pink crosses her face for a split second.

Ryofu: Thanks.

She said trying to hold back a giggle.

Boy: I'm Kevin. You must be new here.

She nods.

Ryofu: Nice to meet you Kevin. I'm Ryofu.

Kevin: (Slightly shocked) Ryofu…as in Ryofu Housen?

Ryofu: Yeah…is that a problem.

They begin to walk.

Kevin: No, its just, your dad is like, amazing!

Ryofu: (Rolling Eyes) Oh…

He sees that she doesn't really like to talk about that and decides to change the subject.

Kevin: So, what made you come to A High?

Ryofu:…Well, I was having problems at my old school.

Kevin: Really? How so?

Ryofu: You already know I'm half demon. Up until my freshman year in high school, I've had my powers under control.

Kevin: Okay, so you were unstable.

Ryofu: I was not! We just didn't know why I couldn't control them. Anyway,

They stop walking and sit on a bench in the courtyard under a tree. She sets her books on the ground in front of her.

Ryofu: I sort of…started causing…minor problems.

Kevin: (Sceptical glare) How minor?

Ryofu: Minor like…small fires in odd places. Systematic problems, like accidentally completely deleting the schools fire safety schedule from the mainframe.

Kevin: (Sarcastically) Yeah, that's minor.

Ryofu: Everyone thought that it would get better the next year.

Kevin: I'm guessing it didn't.

Ryofu: It got worse. Sophomore year was hell. Within the first two weeks, I caused the sprinklers to malfunction over the entire school, and ruined a school dance.

Kevin: How?

Ryofu: I set the gym on fire and then created an indoor thunder storm trying to put it out.


Ryofu: After that, I made the entire education mainframe crash. The students loved it, but I was expelled the next day.

Kevin: Shit. I wish I could say I know what your going through but that's all fucked up.

Ryofu: Of course you can't. You're the popular guy.

She had been studying kids as the passed and by the way they all looked at Kevin, she kind of figured he had some type of high status at the school.

Kevin: Not true.

A group of students walk by.

Group: Hey Kev, what's up?

Kevin: Hey guys.

Ryofu stares at him, eyes narrowed.

Kevin: What, those are people I hang out with now and then.

Ryofu: All the guys want to be you.

Kevin: No, see that's where you're wrong.

Random guys walk by.

Guys: Yo Kevin, you rock! I want to be just like you one day!

Ryofu folds her arms.

Kevin: I've never seen them before in my life.

Ryofu: All the girls want to date you.

Kevin: Okay, now that's definitely not true.

About twenty girls walk past and toss pieces of paper with their phone numbers at him.

Girls: Hi Kevin. (Massive group giggle)

Kevin: They want me to help study.

Ryofu rolls her eyes. Then a teacher walks up.

Teacher: Kevin, I'd like for you to stay late tomorrow, so I can give you…extra tutoring.

She winks at him and then walks away.

Kevin: Okay, I see your point.

Ryofu giggles and picks up her stuff. She begins to walk towards the dorms, Kevin following closely.

Kevin: What Amber did earlier wasn't cool.

Ryofu: I know. She called me a half breed.

Kevin: That's uncalled for. I'll deal with her.

Ryofu: No don't!

Kevin: Amber, come here please.

He mumbled it so low, that Ryofu barely heard him speak. She wondered why he spoke so low. Was it a joke? Then a few seconds later, Amber walks up to them.

Amber: You called Kevin?

She squeeked giddily.

Ryofu: How could you hear him? You were on the other side of campus and he barely whispered!

Amber: Shut it half breed.

Kevin: (Glaring at Amber but speaking to Ryofu) She's a succubus. That's how she heard me. She can track me down wherever I am.

Amber wraps her arms around his neck and snuggles him.

Amber: We're perfect for each other.

Ryofu: Wait, then that means you're an-

Kevin: (Forcefully pushing Amber away) Incubus.

Amber tightens her grip on him.

Amber: He's the only pure Incubus at school, plus the hottest I've ever met. You're out of your league half breed.

Kevin: (Forcing her away again) That's enough Amber! I don't like the way you've been treating my friend.

When he pushed her away, Ryofu saw another girl walking up to them.

Girl: Amber, I should kill you where you stand!

She showed her fangs and jumped at Amber.

Ryofu: A vampire…

Kevin: Mahoro, please! You can't afford any trouble right now.

Mahoro: Stay out of this Kevin, she's mine!

Amber: Kevin, stop her!

Amber called on the ground.

Kevin: You know, on second thought…

Mahoro: (On top of Amber, who is pinned to the ground) This bitch slept with my fucking boyfriend! Give me one good reason why I shouldn't drain her right now!!

Ryofu: Because she's not worth it, and her blood probably taste like shit and onions.

Mahoro growls and looks at Ryofu.

Mahoro: And who the fuck are you?

Kevin: She's Ryofu Housen.

Mahoro looks at Kevin, eyes going from enraged, to shocked.

Mahoro: Ryosuke Housen's daughter?

Kevin nods.

Mahoro: That's awesome, nice to meet you. But Amber's still dead!!

Ryofu: Wait, she's a succubus, it's only natural that she's a whore.

Kevin and Amber: Hey!

Ryofu: No offense.

Kevin: Eh. None taken.

Amber: Kevin, she just called me a whore!

Kevin: And I care…why?

Amber: (Finally managing to push Mahoro off her) She made a generalization about succubi! Hello, your mother's a fucking succubus!

Kevin: True, but my mother isn't a whore, and the only one who fits that description is you.

Amber begins to get mad. The back of her shirt begins to wave up and down. She was slowly showing her true form.

Amber: Kevin…how dare you!

Girl: That's enough Amber.

They all turn around to see another girl walking towards them. Amber slowly calms down and her shirt stops fluctuating.

Amber: Sorry Quar I-

Quar: Save it. You don't act this way when you don't get your way.

She grabs Amber and begins to walk away. She stops in front of Ryofu.

Quar: Forgive her. She's psychotic.

Another male walks by, Quar's boyfriend. He waves at her and she walks over.

Quar: Noa! Catch ya later new kid.

Ryofu: Uh…bye?

She gives Noa a kiss, and then yells at Amber for being a bitch to Ryofu as they walk off.

Mahoro: I wonder where Evian is…

Ryofu: Who?

Kevin: Her boyfriend.

Mahoro: He's only the hottest elf in the whole school.

Ryofu: I don't know, that Noa guy was pretty hot.

Mahoro: He's a drow!

Ryofu: A dark elf?

Mahoro: Yeah, and he's off limits. He's Quar's boyfriend. The hottest guy for the hottest elven girl.

Ryofu: But they look related.

Kevin: She's a drow too.

The three of them begin to walk towards the dorm houses.

Mahoro: Kevin, we have a new roommate you know.

Kevin: I know.

Mahoro: So where are you headed Ryofu?

Ryofu: The dorms too. I have to move in.

Kevin: I'm helping her.

Mahoro: Well, hurry up so we can meet our new roommate.

They finally arrive at the dorms.

Mahoro: Where's your dorm?

She asks Ryofu.

Ryofu: Here.

Mahoro: But this is me and Kevin's dorm…

Ryofu opens the door. Then she turns and smiles at Mahoro.

Ryofu: Hi, I'm your new roommate! Ryofu Housen's the name. Nice to meet you. (Giggles and smiles)

Kevin and Mahoro: (Mouth agape) Holy shit!

Ryofu just smile and keeps giggling. Kevin grins and looks at Mahoro. Mahoro is in shock and staring at Ryofu who is standing in the middle of the room.

Kevin: This is gonna be some hell of a year.

End chapter 1.

Okay everyone, just so you're not confused about anything, here's an explanation.

The world is inhabited by all types of creatures, including humans and demons. They coexist. The creatures mentioned so far are as follows:

Half Demons: Self Explanatory

Succubus/Incubus: Creatures who specialize in seduction and sex. Love can be a drug to them, and either good or bad, depending on the person. If they seduce someone for a certain amount of time, they can still the hosts soul. Needless to say they can control darkness and prefer dark places as well.

Vampires: They prefer not to go in the sun, but it has no effect on them whatsoever. Neither does garlic, silver, or crosses. Mahoro actually wears a small cross all the time. However, purified ice water does get them sick. They do not need blood, it is just a treat to them. They are very powerful, but not as strong as many legends proclaim. Mahoro is not about to hurl a school bus at anyone.

Drows: Dark elves. They are not short. The only difference between them and other people are their curved pointed ears. Plus, their eyes are always darker than normal people which actually lets them see in utter darkness.

Evles: Same as Drows, except their ears are strait, not curved. They have sharper canine teethe than anyone except vampires. Elves have superior smell and hearing to Drows but can't see in the dark, like many people. Elves also tend to be faster.

Well I hope you enjoyed it! I would LOVE to hear what you think. CYA!