Warning: m/m and mild twincest; language.

Inspiring pic in my head: Mikail leaning against a wall, looking gorgeous and mysterious.

Thanks to my wonderful beta Tori!!

Chapter One

Mikail leaned back against the grimy alleyway wall. He was bored and unhappy and had nowhere to go and nothing to do so he stared out at the heavy traffic of the main street he had just turned out of. People busy with their everyday jobs milled passed, concerned with their own problems and lives. The sun shone down hotly and cars glinted brightly as they drove by.

Mikail wondered what they would see if they looked up at him now: seeing him leaning against the wall half covered in posters and chipped paint. Probably a brooding punk kid. He was average height, with dark brown, longish wavy hair. He hadn't bothered to get it cut in a long while and it nearly brushed his shoulders except where he tied most of it up into a high tail. He was wearing worn, ripped jeans over scuffed sneakers and a red print shirt covered in heavy black writing. Over that he wore a black sleeveless baggy hooded top that he'd left totally unzipped. His earlobes were shot through all around the rim of his left ear, and only a bit less frequently on the other side. He'd left off the chains, not bothering to put them in before he'd come out. He also had a gold loop through at the right corner of his bottom lip. And maybe the one feature that stood out most- his eyes. He never tried to make them stand out, never bothered with Kohl (not even to go out clubbing) but they were large and had long dark lashes that framed them anyhow. He sometimes hated them, feeling they were too feminine. But what really stood out was their colour. Dark, fierce red, like drying blood or red earthen clay. All in all, as he stood there staring out at the busy, unsuspecting crowd -hiding from the sharp, hot rays of the sun- the wide toothy grin he wore enhanced his features into stunning glory, capable of sending multiple sorts of chills through ones heart and running up and down one's spine.

"Fuck them. Fuck this. They think this is fuckin' fantastic? I'm out of here."

As he turned and walked further into the shadows, caused by the close standing buildings, he thought over the day as it had been so far. Right now it was just a few hours after noon, so quite a lot could have and had happened. Why spring it all on him at night, when he was due to be home anyway.

First he'd been woken up by shouting and fighting sounds, like banging doors and clattering furniture, at an ungodly hour of the morning. He'd been super pissed off, just having fallen asleep not three hours earlier. When he'd rounded the corner into the lounge kitchen area of the small apartment he'd found his brothers going at it, punches flying.

"What the fuck is wrong with the two of you. I was trying to get some sleep. Can't you save your lovers spat until after I'm gone?"

Twin sets of angry hazel brown eyes turned to him, but Mikail was hardly intimidated, and it didn't take Sasha long to untense and calm down enough to let go of the front of Niko's shirt.

"Mikail, sit down. There's something we need to talk about." Sasha said, glancing furiously at Niko when he all but jumped forward to speak. Undisturbed Nik,o ignored Sasha's warning hand and looked his younger brother in the eye.

"Don't listen to him. We'll keep it down. Go back to your room okay." Then turning back to address Sasha, " I told you to shut up about this. Leave Mikail out of it."

"He's never been out of it Niko. I will talk to him about this, whether or not you approve." They glared each other down, which they often did during their short, violent arguments. They looked so different then, when usually they were almost impossible to tell apart. A few years ago Sasha had let his hair grow out a bit more than Niko's and Niko was usually the more laid back of the two, but when they stared each other down like this, firmly believing in their own separate viewpoint their individual souls shone through. Oddly enough it just reinforced their strange completion of each other.

"Whatever the hell you want to tell me can wait until after I'm fully awake. And seeing as you two idiots woke me up- thanks by the way for that- three hours of sleep, that's all I've had, but I'm not going to be able to sleep again now. So I'm having coffee. Lots of coffee. So shut up and don't disturb me. I put up with far too much shit what with you two all over each other all the time to have to put up with this as well." Speech finished, Mikail turned to switch on the electric kettle and ready a cup, heaping in two piled spoons of strong instant coffee into the cup and a spoon of sugar for taste. Turning to the fridge he swore softly seeing there was no milk. Only then did he turn back to the deathly quiet room behind him where his brothers stood staring at him.

"What?" He snapped, taking out a bowl for cereal.

"You've known about us?" Niko asked incredulously, and it almost seemed as if he were blushing. Sasha's eyes were just slightly wider than normal.

"Well, duh. I've always known. You guys have always been stuck together since you were little, kissing each other's wounds better. Then bam, there came puberty, right. You might think I'm stupid, but I'm not blind." Reaching over the kitchen counter towards the cigarettes and lighter, he knocked out one and raised it to his lips to light it just as the kettle finished boiling and clicked off. Mikail was sure he saw Sasha jump. Blowing out a stream of smoke he grinned wolfishly as he threw the last line, watching his brothers closely from beneath half-mast eyes.

"And besides, you guys are hella loud, you know. You're quite a screamer huh, Sasha. Or was that you last night Nik? But look, I'm glad you losers found some good, hard loving. Your poor kid brother can't really say the same, now can I?" Finishing his coffee he took a deep swallow of the hot liquid, nearly spitting it out as it seared his tongue but he held back so that he could continue to enjoy the shock and embarrassment and rising fury in his brothers eyes.

"Why you littleā€¦" Sasha cut Niko off by recovering his exposure and turning to his twin. "I vote we tell him then, yes?"

Niko let out a slow breath then grinned. "Guess I won't have to hold back when little Mika is around then anymore huh?"

Mikail twisted his face into a semblance of repulsion, but Niko just laughed it off and moved to stand behind Sasha, pressed up against his back, resting his head on his shoulder. "Fine, Sash, but don't say I didn't warn you." Mikail let out a bark of a laugh when Niko turned his face to kiss Sasha's neck, and laughed all the louder when he saw his brother's disappointment at not embarrassing him one little bit by his display.

"Whatever man. Just get with what you want to tell me already. I'm sick of standing here waiting for you two to find a brain between the two of you."

"Fine then," Sasha finally put in. "Then I think it would be best if you sat down first, Mikail. That way we'll be between you and the door."

Mikail raised an eyebrow at his brothers at that, but sat down regardless as they both looked him straight on.

"Father called, Mikail. He wants to see us. No, he wants to see you. He's coming tonight."