I am

A careful mold

Of earth, water and moonlight.

My skin is cut from

The cloth of Eve,

Woven to shield Her

From the judging eye of Man.

I am bone and blood.

My body aches and bruises and tears.

I am no wilting flower.

I am no servant under God.

I am the tree that yields

No fruit for idle hands to pick.

I am the idol,

Cut by moonlight

Shaped by Earth

To which no man can bow.

I had a fit of feminism a few days ago. It was a great feeling. I was bouncing around my room in my bra, singing at the top of my lungs and I just loved myself like I'd never loved me before. Haha. I'm a lunatic...harmless, but insane. It was a refreshing feeling. Drop me a review. I love feedback.