What exactly defines you? As a person I mean. Who is to tell you who you are, how you live, how you act, everything. Is it built inside you? Like being born with either brown hair or blonde? Or is it something that you aquire as you grow?

I always wondered this. How I became the person I am today.

It is the whole Nature versus Nurture thing. Am I right? Is who you are determined by your genes or is it determined by how you were raised?

The way you eat your Oreos for example, do you just dunk them in the milk, let them get soggy then munch on them? Or do you break them apart and lick the crème? Do you eat the same way as your dad? Your mom? Or is it your own special way?

Each day you live with your parents, you let things slip, little things that at that moment don't seem that big, for instance, maybe the way your mom flips her hair over her shoulder, and you miss, that you do the exact same thing. Or maybe your father's nervous habit of pacing was passed on to you, but you never really looked close enough to figure it out.

When you look in the mirror, who do you see? Your grandmother's soft grey eyes, or your father's unruly brown hair. Can you pick out which part is you and which part is your mom and which part is your dad?

Are you left handed? Right handed? Brunette? Blonde? Tall? Short? Skinny? Fat? Smart? Athletic? Talented? Shy? Spontaneous? Loud? Quiet?

More importantly, who are you?