Who are you, my fellow reader?
With those eyes ever so penetrating,
Distorting my sense and logic,
Never agitating me, but a wonder of your twisted fascination

What made you drawn into an innocent maiden turned stained?
What started that desire to see her suffer?
These thoughts, ever so demoralising,
Anna Karlsson never seemed to notice them...

8th Chapter
The Hidden Messages

Time seemed to have froze as cold winds kicked up without warning in the ward from the open window. The notepad that had been kept under the bedsheets of Anna's bed flipped open, hanging on a balance right on the edge, just needing a faint brush to topple it on a specific page read...

In this place I call Hell,
Where cries for a saviour never exists,
When wails of agony are an everyday occurrence,
With the negligent urge to escape.

The blood within me that has been extracted, over and over again,
Mixed, churned, clotted, curdified, stirred, and shaken,
That spilled all over the floor, stained the walls, consumed by desperate victims,
It never seem to be of end in supply.

The raising stench of ammonia and sulphur, and unrecognisable concoctions,
The gleaming blades of the scalpels,
The unknown fluids they called as 'anaesthetic',
The disturbing operations that cannot be expressed in words.

An audible thud, followed by a faint splatter on the ground were heard. Shadows of two women literally wasting their life, of which one needed to win to subdue a wild psychotic. A hiss from Lean was heard before faint thunks from Anna's bare feet overwhelmed it. The librarian had no thought of her assaults till the last moment, when she realised she fell into the pilot's plan. The Luftwaffe officer swung her right arm in a hasty, yet violent manner, while her palm remained open. A loud smack hit against the brunette's left cheek, which re-directed her hasty dash to another bed on the other side of the ward. She hit one of the legs head on, literally stunning her. No matter, the sudden impacts from the duel had allowed the notepad to tip over, as it hit the ground- it did not. Instead, the loose bedsheets held it firmly, now hanging by the side of the bed. Several pages flipped past. New content were seen...

I can't tell what year I had been admitted into the hospital,
Let alone how I ended up in here,
But the fact that Hell does exist on the surface of the Earth,
And it's breaking loose at such a morbid time.

One by one, the patients disappear without a trace,
Without the nurses knowing, nor the related relatives that came to visit,
Only bloodstained files that lay strewn on the ground,
Which were the only proof of their existence.

I can't tell what I have been operated on,
Let alone realising what had been going on,
All I know I had been numb since day one,
The inability to feel any pain or fracture.

But with Hell released I soon came to understand,
The madness and lunacy that had began since,
Not being a psychotic was not an optional choice,
But the destruction of one's sanity was the ultimate decision.

A quick shake from the bedsheet caused several pages to flip past, while fresh blood splattered on the said page. A wail left Anna's mouth, before the pilot's scream overwhelmed it. Lean's shadow was seen pouncing on another shadow, the brunette's. Gasps from the librarian were heard soon after before an audible thud from her booting the redhead upsetted the consistent sound. A loud thunk from hitting a side table, followed by another crash of glass hitting the ground ensued while a cry of agony left Lean's mouth with a seemingly broken glass stuck so firmly on her left shoulder. Red eyes stared at the wounded pilot, who seemed to have brushed off the pain she had earlier. A faint' tch' of annoyance signalled her displeasure.

Giving up the sanity and dignity, I never knew it was hard to do,
But the effects after that, everything just felt so clear,
Nothing was black and white, not even the path ahead,
But the twisted mind that drives me, even death made me chuckle.

The lives that come and go, each one so different,
Their reactions, their emotions, and even varying levels of sanity,
Each of them I degenerate their minds, hoping to see a form of change,
None were the result, as far as I know.

But only one, finally...

... ... ...

Who are you to find me, my fellow, little readers? I have seen you, several times over, but you did not flinch. I have even touched you, yet you did not react. The wild lunacy is in the air, but never noticable, like a murder occuring silently next door, seperated by a thin wall. You think you know me, and assumed Anna might already know who I am. But trust me, even simple things can be as complicated as finding a golden needle in the Arctic Sea. My sanity may have been destroyed, broken, but my conscience is clear. That librarian may not have lunacy by her side, but that does not mean she could not get out of this hell hole, my little readers. Who says one needs to be a maniac to get out? Anna is already heading for another direction to get her ways...

No doubt, it has already begun...
Her blood red eyes now scream of lust to overwhelm the wild animal,
Her urge to tame, and dumb the pilot down,
And the lingering leer, that would be enough to cause destruction to one's self-dignity.

Her thoughts are still in good condition,
But not the mindset that has grown stronger,
Instead, like cancer, it infects, it controls,
However, Anna has no idea on that...

"Come, my little fräulein," the librarian remarked, while a chuckle left her mouth, absolutely fascinated at this point of time, even with her own blood dribbling down her face, arms, legs. "Over here... Lean Beirer."

Glorious red eyes that seemed to be glowing,
Like the lifeforce that dribbles down her body,
Controlling a life, like an animal in the circus,

Lean... my little fräulein...
...You need to be punished...