Update #: God Only Knows

After some really uplifting and exciting reviews and PMs, I decided to post the newest version of Slave of Heaven here on Fictionpress. I feel like this is the easiest way to get the story out there and hopefully publishers will only love that I have a few reviews and readers. If Sarah J. Maas can do it, why not I?

For those who are willing to take on this beast of a novel, I am both appreciative and touched. It's a long book—frustratingly long, so I understand this is quite the endeavor. I look forward and any feedback, small or large, positive or…well, not. I've been very fortunate that both my agent and editor have offered to read this book, but I'd rather run it by some readers to make sure its still enjoyable, and perhaps find out what is unnecessary, repetitive, boring, slow, etc. etc. I've had so much TIME over all these years to think and ruminate on this world, I don't know if it's too complex, too rich for a first book. You should see all the stuff I've taken out! And this is one of the biggest problems with working on a story for so long. Too much thinking! Don't do it! Onward! (I apparently can't take my own advice).

I'll soon be setting up an authors website for my upcoming memoir, and I'll let you guys know when that is if anyone wants to follow my progress on that book and any others. My fingers (and toes) are crossed that for those who read the new version will still enjoy it! Thank you to all who have stuck with me throughout the years—a decade and counting!

Write strong,

Ryan Leigh Dostie

(P.S. I uploading the chapters in bulk, both for my own sanity and so that you all aren't inundated with a million notifications. If anyone does not like this format, or would prefer a dropbox version or PDF, let me know and I'm sure we can work it out).