'Who filled the pool with ice cream?'

Welcome! Welcome! Short and tall! Thank you for visiting the Museum of Natural Freaks! First of all, will the owner of the neon hover bike please move? You're blocking the exit. And to the owner of the lime colored rake, please move that too. The ugliness is scaring the kids. Anyways…

Moving on!!

To start it all off, this is the Candy House. It's made entirely of edible materials. The walls are gingerbread, the windows baked sugar, the furniture cotton candy, and basically everything else is some kind of dessert. The house was made by Mr. Munch e La Cream in 1950. And it was built to honor the death of his greatest gingerbread boy, Suchoku. May he rest in peace. Come. Let us bow our heads and pray for him.

-Bows head and prays for Suchoku-

Moving on!!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for! The Strawberry Pool-What?! When did-Who did-Okay. Who filled the pool with cookies n cream flavored ice cream?!? This was a monument people. Show some respect! Sheesh! People these days…


Oh well. Let's not waste food here people.

-Spoons pop up in everyone's hand-

Let's eat!

-Looks at tourist skeptically-

What're you waiting for? Go on. Dig in!

-People stare longingly at the pool then start eating-

That's better. I guess that concludes our tour. As fun as this has been, I am sorry. It must come to an end. Fare-the-well my friends, I hope you had fun. Now leave! –Insert glare here-

Just kidding!! But please remember your trash. I am, nor will I ever be, your maid-servant. And I don't get paid either. So please. Let's keep Earth clean okay? Enjoy the ice cream!!

-I disappear in a puff of blue smoke-