I dream up what you're doing
And if you even care
A year has passed and I wonder
What would happen if I were there?

Brilliant stars and quiet lights
Ducking, weaving through the trees
The wind whispers across your face
Why did I tell you I had to leave?

You swore to me you loved me
And then you went and broke my heart
I promised you – I will move on
(I crossed my fingers from the start)

Your face dances across my mind
The memory burned into my brain
I tried to forget you – I really did
But every time my heart complained

Racing rapidly across suburbs
Trains leave the station every day
Stop me before I go too far
Why didn't you ask me if I could stay?

Maybe if you could understand this
If only you took the time to see
Inside I hope you know I'm dying
Thinking of you out there, without me

You were the best idea I had all year
The meaning of "meant to be"
Maybe if you close your eyes
I know somehow you will believe me

I've run out of different ways to say this
I've chased every path I can pursue
And now I'm putting it so simply.
You need to know I still love you.

Authors Note:

Yes. this is what it sounds like. its my FIRST EVER FEEBLE ATTEMPT AT POERTY! Run! Hide! Save yourself!

i know its not that great. but last night i was sitting at my desk staring blankly at the windows document i had open, writing something of absoluetly no consequence and then i realized it sucked. so i opened up another document and tried to write what i felt and i couldnt. and i decided that, when all else fails, try something youve never tried before.

and viola. poemtry! poemtry dedicated to the one person who can never read this.

so yeah. if anyone has actually read this, review if you have the time. i dont normally ask people to review but seeing as its my first attempt, id love some feedback. but only if you want to.

have a happy day!