I walked quickly out of central station, actually rather sprinting... In one hand I held my breakfast while the other my school books.

While briefly glancing down at my watch I read 7:45am and smashed into a person from behind. Curses! I thought, now I will never be able to get to school on time. Feeling pissed at the person I bumped into I stand up and begin to yell at the person.

"Hey!.. -" I trailed off.

It was a girl in casual clothing. She looked to be of a similar age to me, but she didn't look to be going to school; at least not today.

Suddenly all my anger dissipated. Boy, the girl was pretty. I couldn't get angry at someone like that. I checked my watch again. 7:48am. Moth.... No use complaining now. Even if I ran at the speed of sound I wasn't going to make it to school on time... And neither will the girl in front of me. Straight away my "good ego" kicked in. " I'm so sorry..." I studded, lost for words.

Relinquishing the thought of running away, I help the girl pick up her bag and contents. As I picked up her mobile phone that she dropped, she had gone for it as well. Our fingers touched only for a nanosecond, but I felt a massive jolt up my arm. I recoiled and fell back and onto my arse. The girl laughed at my clumsiness. "I'm Sakura." She smiled.

"S..Sakura. Nnn.. to meet you" I managed to roll out of my mouth.

Damn damn damn damn!!! Why was I acting like this? Getting nervous talking to a beautiful girl. There wasn't time left to be sitting gawking at the girl of my dreams. I rose gracefully while trying to hide the pain in my arse and handed back her phone. "Err. I think I should hurry to school or I will get in trouble."

"I'll see you around." And she was off.

Before I had time to react she was already gone; out of my sight. The busy, morning populace swallowed up her existence.