Love with Capital L

She felt as if her heart was being crushed. Seeing them there, her best friend with the guy she loved, stars in their eyes, both happy, while she feigned a smile to hide her feelings. She didn't know how she'd gotten to this, when less than a month before she was happy, knowing there was a chance. Until she opened her mouth, and everything was revealed.

Although, if she thought about it, she doubted that even if she hadn't said anything, he would've loved her.

And now, a year later, her heart was still crushed. It wasn't for him, he was merely a memory. For Love, that hadn't shown up in her life for over a year. Sorry, it did show up, but it expressed itself in the most painful of ways: Suffering.

Every time she thought Love was coming back into her life, very slowly but coming back nonetheless, she threw herself at it. Maybe she had to be more patient, move slowly. But she was afraid to lose it; afraid it would run away.

And it's just that her, a tall girl with brown hair and hazel eyes, wasn't acquainted with patience.

She didn't like slow things, but she had to accept them because that's how everything went when it came to Love.

She'd do it and it'd work.
She'd do it and it'd be different.
But most importantly, she'd do it.

And a month later, she did it.

She, a girl with brown hair and hazel eyes, met Love, with capital L.
For the first time in her life.
Really, truly.
And reciprocally.

And that was how she was very happy, at least for four months, but that's another story, that you, my dear reader, won't find out about.

And so this story's over, and while I'd love to say she lived happily ever after…

Does anyone?