Metaphoric Break Up:

A lack of inspiration,
An all around lack of interest for me and everything I do,
A lackadaisical human being.
I lack any reason to love you.

Your love is in fact conditional,
And that condition is that you don't have to love me back.
And I have to ask myself,
What's wrong with that picture?

Because love isn't a one way street,
And I'll not drive any further should you not be on the same road.
So where are you? Are we hooking up?
Cause I think I'm about to turn around.

There are many other fish in the sea,
And I see no reason why I should be ecstatic over some boot,
I should aim towards an angelfish perhaps.
I'm ok with being an angler, should the prize be better than you.

I guess it's about time I break this bad habit,
My New Years resolution is to make myself better by dropping dead weight.
So good by, disgusting product of a misguided love,
I'll be feeling good soon with out all that bittersweet candy around my waist.