After that I will attack the nearby villages and make them bow before me.

All men for miles wide will feel my ultimate wrath and I shall become rich in my dictatorship.

Because with this plan I will gain ultimate power! No one shall ever make me fall.


I shall marry Reggy and together we shall conquer the vampires and they shall be my... be my, uh... SLAVES!

And Reggy will love me and our love will be passionate and eternal because we will live forever.

Because I shall force Edward Cullen to bite us and turn us into the ULTIMATE vampires...

Even the Volturi will quiver in fear.

And my lovely Reggy will be doubly awesome as he is both a god and a vampire.

And I, his ruling queen. The Volturi will rot and we will take their place and rule the world.

Nobody will laugh at me again, oh no, they won't have the ability to laugh, the only thing they can do is bow down before me and beg - like the not pity worthy evil dogs they are- for their lives. To them I will not show mercy, because in my eyes only real furry dogs can be pittied.

One night after making sweet passionate love to Reggy, I fell unconscious.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I could hear Reggy calling my name.

And it reminded me of something Sesshy said once as Reggy cried out...

I remembered many Off Topic moments are Reggy cried out my name and I could feel the warm tears sliding down my cheek.

I tried to move my arm to wipe away the tear, but my body wouldn't move, I was frozen to the spot. Incapable of anything.

Suddenly my eyes shot open and I heard the sound of crashing. Reggy falling out of the sky?

I frantically searched the cloudy heaven for him. Thunder crashed below me and I heard Reggy scream.

I saw him fall and I reached out my hand to his outstretched arm and caught it.

He was too heavy and we both ended up falling.

I closed my eyes and screamed as the pace of our fall quickened.

We finally hit ground. I looked up to find that we have fallen through the roof to the first floor. My housekeeper shouted in amazement.

Reggy took a step toward her, a look of concern on his face, and then the house keeper fainted.

From his sheer beauty I assumed, but it was then I realized he was glowing.

Why is Reggy glowing? I thought.

"Are you a fucking IDIOT!"

I stared at him my expression confused, my eyes blank of all emotion.

He looked up at me seriously.

"Reggy?" I asked.

"Where's the food?" was his response.

"Um... the fridge?" I replied.

He looked at me blankly.

"I know the fridge has food." he replied calmly. "But that's not the point. You could have died!" his tone turned serious.

"But I didn't did I?" I said.

"Thank God for that." he said.

"But you are God." I laughed.

"Died? I fell on you!" I said.

"Say I'm God again, I rather enjoyed that." he said with a smirk.

"You're A God darling. You're the review god."

"I am, heh, how could I forget that! I know I'm the review god muffin."

I smiled.

"I'm a vampire today! And you be a werewolf!" I said jumping up from the floor.

"Do we have to role play again tonight?" he replied.

"Yes, because it makes you so much better!" I said taking his hand.

I dragged him into Zion's bedroom and he caught onto what I was implying before. He smiled and threw me on the bed.

I smiled impishly as he straddled my hips. He removed his shirt. I admired his toned muscles as I lifted my hand and mapped out his chest. He growled as he leaned forward and caught my lips in his.

My body went into shock as it usually did and my mind focussed on his lips. I kissed him back, though no one was a better kisser than my Reggy.

It was like magic, he was so gentle despite his immense strength. I relished his glowing gloriousness.

I wound my hand into his flaming orange hair. The kiss developed from gentle to desperately passionate. His hands strolled up my back, pulling me closer. I gasped for air.

My eyes opened and widened as by brain freaked due to lack of air. Reggy understood my silent cry and moved his kisses down my neck as I gasped in air.

One arm wrapped around my back, he rolled us over and threw the blankets over our heads.

He was just about to nibble my earlobe when the door flung open and a deranged goat galloped in. We sat up, fumbling to hold the blankets around ourselves...

The goat rolled its eyes and walked out. Reggy just shrugged and continued nibbling my earlobe. I told him to stop, it tickled, and he did, but his fingers laced up my sides tickling me more.

Eventually I controlled his fingers and smirked, tickling him back.

We laughed as we tried to tickle each other. Eventually it evolved into a pillow fight.

Feathers were flying around the room after 10 minutes. Eventually we tired out and flopped on the bed. We laughed for what seemed like hours.

He turned to look at me and caressed my cheek gently, our eyes locking. My yellow one's connected with his brilliant flaming orange ones. Locked by some unseen force.

And it was then I knew I loved him. So passionately, so strongly. Nothing could tear us apart.

I wrapped my arms around him, never wanting this moment to end. He did the same, holding me tenderly.

"I will NEVER let anyone hurt you." he whispered.

"As long as you don't get hurt, I'm fine with that," I smiled.

He smiled back.