The dandelions have turned from sun to moons
And you are at my side.
Time has passed. The clock ticks incessantly.
I grasp for your hand. I feel your heart beat.
I am at peace, for I am with you.
We cry so sore in the starry night,
howling devastation to the pitiless moon,
Air thick with broken promises
and unspoken wishes.
Devour a sun to kill its wrathful glow
Call for a savior across the sky.
The moon is in your eyes, my dear.
You are red, you are blue, you are green
You are every color of the spectrum,
A rainbow of vibrant life in your smile.
A creature of infinite melancholy,
But oh, how you dream!
Of days long past and of those to come
Desiring of naught but life and love and us,
that which I need the most.
You are my elixir, letting me live forever
In the world we built together.
You taste like incense and peppermint.
Your hand on my face, this time again
So desperate and gentle, beautifully dark,
Knowledge and vulnerability conveyed
In a single gesture.
Your touch is like sunlight, baby's breath,
Grass in the springtime.
You hold a city in your hands, painted like a Picasso.
You are a sun, fiery joy and wrathful glow.
A flame on your tongue, ready to burn.
I reach for you once more
But you are gone again,
Lost in the spiraling dust
Lazily lofting in the speckled sunlight.
My laughter and tears
Mix in agreement in the air.
I'll fly by night on paper wings
Carry me to you, only you.
The dandelions have turned from suns to moons
and I search for you at my side.