My Sorrow is Profound by AndromedaMarine

He died. He died and I had no say. What's happened to this world? He was taken away from the world, maybe because He had to, maybe because He wanted to – no! He didn't want to leave Earth, but I suppose He never did. But never mind that.

He's invisible, at least, and there's nothing to make me happy again. Or so it seems. I've forgotten to mention His name. Haven't you heard of him? He's Jesus. My sorrow in His death certainly was profound, but not any longer.

It's not that I'll never see Him again, because I will. He died to save me, and I had no say in it – none whatsoever. Sometimes I wonder about Earth. How could they stand killing a pure-innocent man who was the Son of God, no less?

Yes, I was in grief for some time, but it was His invisible presence that calmed me, taking away from the pain of losing His physical appearance. He is not gone. He is not dead.

He is alive, living in and around us, ever present. His love is more profound than my sorrow.