Once upon a time, there was an unhappy little endpoint on a short line segment, FM. Its name was Freddie, and he was a sad little point. You see, the only other collinear point on the segment was an endpoint named Mercury. Mercury was all the way on the other side of the segment, making conversation nearly impossible. Of course, they could have shouted at each other, but that hurt their throats. All Freddie wanted was to get off that segment and be a part of something bigger and better, and perhaps some real conversation, but he was unable to do so on his own.

Of course, it didn't help that he was often bullied by the shapes because he was just a lowly point. Oftentimes the two-dimensional triangle RAE would perform a transformation across the y-axis by sliding or flipping. When she did this, she transformed from her preimage into her mean spirited alter ego, R'A'E'.

Every time, she would sneer, "Well, hello, you lowly zero-dimensional nobody. I noticed that you're all alone … So I want to give you some company." Then she would laugh evilly and poke him with one of her three angles.

"If only I was a three-dimensional shape, then I would be able to fight back, and win! But for now … now, I am only a point. Perhaps I will always stay that way, but I'd much rather not …Maybe if I get a job, I can get enough money for the Dimensionalizer!"

While Freddie's internal monologue was rambling on and on, R'A'E' continued jabbing him with her acute angle now (which hurt even more), saying all manner of rude things. Just as she was saying, "I can't even believe we're coplanar! You have absolutely no use!" a carriage driven by cubes (who would do anything for their princess) drove over the path near Freddie. The chariot suddenly stopped with a great cloud of dust.

"Excuse me," came a small voice from inside the ornate carriage, "But I couldn't help but to notice you behaving in a un-citizenly way. You would do well to stop bullying others, RAE."

"What … How do you know my name?" RAE demanded.

"As your princess, I have every right to know all of my citizens. Especially when they aren't being very nice." A small sphere stepped out of the carriage and into the view of R'A'E', Freddie and Mercury. Freddie felt an uprising of glee; here was his savior, the beautiful Princess! R'A'E' gasped as she realized she was done for, in the figurative sense of course.

"RAE, why don't you go home before you cause any more damage?" The Princess said. When R'A'E' did nothing, one of the cubes stepped forward and in a steely voice said, "That was an order." At this R'A'E' snapped out of her stupor and translated across the y-axis into the second quadrant as quickly as possible.

Freddie and Mercury were so astonished by the Princess's aid that they were speechless, until one of the cubes poked them each with a long and skinny rectangular prism. "The Princess has just spoken to you!" The cube barked.

"Really, do you have to be so cold to them?" The Princess asked softly, "It's obvious that these points have not had a grand existence, as you have. You know what … I want to help them." And with these words, the two points were popped off their coordinate plane and into the Princess's carriage.

"Ah!" Freddie exclaimed.

"Ah!" Mercury cried out.

"Don't be afraid, Freddie and Mercury. Don't you trust me?" The Princess asked, a little hurt.

"But of course we trust you, but this is all so sudden. Where are you taking us?" Mercury pled.

"It's a surprise!" was her reply, "But I promise that, as long as my radius is two inches long, and as long as my diameter is four, you will always be safe. Oh … and the royal physicians said I hit my last growth spurt two years ago, so you don't have to worry about that!" The cubes all shared a chuckle at her joke, so Freddie and Mercury joined in uncertainly as well.

The carriage gave a little jolt as it started on its way again, this time with two new passengers. It travelled a comfortable pace along the kingdom's roads along tree-lined roads, around lakes, through the composite space figure sequoias, and over several of the many faces of the Polyhedron Mountain Range. Finally, they arrived at the majestic Palace.

"Welcome to my Palace!" cried the Princess, "I had it constructed according to a detailed plan; all of the shapes you can see in my palace are similar solids, that is, if they are the same kind of shape."

Several pyramids came rushing out of the palace to greet the Princess, and were absolutely confounded when they saw her two companions. One of them even dared to whisper,"Princess, why do you have these … POINTS coming to this palace of absolute beauty?"

"Oh, Pyramid. Don't get your coplanar lines skewed! They were being bullied, and I took it upon myself to help them." Turning to Freddie and Mercury she added, "Come with me; let me show you my own personal Dimensionalizer. You do know what a Dimensionalizer is, don't you?"

Freddie nearly jumped with glee. "I do, I do know what that is! I've heard so much about it, but I've never seen one up close! Oh, Princess, could we please see it?"

"Well, Freddie, you won't just be seeing it… Come along, Mercury and Freddie."

They walked through the extensive halls of the Palace, until they came to a locked door. The Princess unlocked the door, and ushered Freddie and Mercury into the room. A contraption formed of many, many shapes stood in the middle of the room: two- and three-dimensional, and some zero-dimensional points, too!

"Now all you do is enter this machine, and you will exit a new formed shape!" The Princess paused for a moment, and asked, "Would you like to enter?" to both Mercury and Freddie.

Mercury declined the offer, saying "I much prefer the known to the unknown. I think I will stay a point."

Freddie, on the other hand, was ecstatic! He could barely refrain from jumping into the machine and making it work on his own, but knew he needed the Princess's permission first. "I would like to enter." He said as levelly as he could.

"Then by all means, jump on in!"

Freddie jumped into the Dimensionalizer. The Princess shut the door behind him, and turned a knob. The machine shivered and trembled, and finally the door opened to reveal the new cone-shaped Freddie!

"Thank you, Princess! Thank you ever so much!" he cried. "This is all I have ever dreamed of!"

And then he lived happily ever as a three dimensional shape.

The end.