by C.S.

A mixture of blue, green, yellow and red,
and brown, and white, and gold
Only they know the stories untold.
What lies within
What resides beneath
What could not be said
What cannot be thought of
What can never be.
And as the unnatural rainbow flows
The world turns ablur
Like a carnival; a merry-go-round.
Then suddenly, a gallant knight
on a crimson horse sweeps the rainbow away
to show a world full of chaos.
Perhaps bloodshed
Perhaps insanity
Perhaps the end of the world.
And at the end of it all
All that remains is nothing.
Perhaps regret
Perhaps dulled pain
Perhaps irretrievable memories
lost forever to the rainbows,
to the crimson horses,
to the world of wonders,
to the world of impossiblities,
to the world of secrets never unveiled,
to the stories untold,
and to the endless unwaking dream.