a/n: Sorry if I fall behind on this story I have a very bad habit of starting stories and never finishing them.

This was inspired by Jennifer Leigh's Prophecy of Nature Series: Bryune


There had been no bell signaling the oncoming train and the guards on either side of the track had done him little good, they'd only come down after he ended up the railroad. That's when he'd realized, too late, that the electronic locks on the car were shoddy at best, considering the bad-luck streak he was having, they would probably choose now to act up. He quickly tried the doors and locks. Yep, now.

He risked a quick look out the front wind shield. The train was within view now, unless he could open the door he was a dead man. Panic welled up in the young man's throat. He hoped, irrationally that the train would stop. It didn't. It takes 2 miles for a train of that size to stop. He wished he didn't know that.

He pushed the button to release his seat belt, his hands were shaking. Another look. Closer. The seat belt came off. He jiggled the door handle. Another look. Damn, closer. He tried the door again with no results. Now terror was coming up to join the panic in his throat. Another look. 90 feet. He knew he had only seconds. Gods above let those I love know I love them, and don't let this be the time I go to meet my ancestors! He resolutely watched the train coming, 60 feet, 30 feet, 15 feet. The young man closed his eyes, and the train hit.

The unwilling spectators heard the screech of twisting metal as the unexpected train appeared to eat the car in it's path. The male trapped in the car felt nothing but overwhelming terror, then, pain as the train ate his vehicle. Then nothing mattered. He was floating. Suspended in nothing... but... everything... at the same time.