Like, or love, a choice
That is not really easy
And too hard for her.

The choice, very hard
If she would love or like him
She knows, in the end.

Trees, among them all
She hides away from questions
Trying to ignore

And to answer it
But then, she knows it too well
Love is what she wants.

Leaves just one thing here
How to tell him this good fact
She fears the known 'no'.

They – it's meant to be?
Or should they live apart, now?
She tells him, at last.

Found a solution
She has, she dares now, at last.
Indeed a relief.

Each, every thing
He does, is beautiful, yes…
And he replies 'yes'.

Other things dismissed
They make love, never apart
That's what they promise

This means no parting
In sight, but not in their minds
Cause their love is true.

Day after day, then
She thinks of him when he's not
In sight anymore

Always is their love
Never to be stopped again
Eternally now.

Together, always
No longer, never apart
They love each other.

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