Author's Note: As of May 2013, A Million Miles Away is no longer available on fictionpress. When I first uploaded this story five years ago, I did not intend to sell it as a novel. At that time, self-published authors weren't taken all that seriously. The few ebooks out there were all written by established authors with major publishing contracts. I wanted to get published, but it was impossible without an agent. So I put my work here on FP with no expectation of anyone noticing.

My, how times have changed. Self-published books are taking up an increasing share of the overall ebook market. There are even small and medium sized publishers who accept manuscripts from authors directly, no agent involved. I took another look at my stories and thought: Why not give it a shot? At first, I decided to leave MMA and its sequel Whiskey Eyes and Morphine Lies up for the old fans to enjoy and for new people to discover. But as I started researching the music fiction genre, I began to find self-published books with some…interesting similarities to mine.

Like the novel where a Rock star protagonist is manipulated into a musical collaboration with an olive-skinned, raven haired Pop singer whose name is eerily similar to Shawnya Stanton. It could just be a coincidence, but it does make you wonder. Especially when the other author started at fictionpress, too.

And then I stumbled over another work by a different author with scenes that match the MMA Greensboro concert and aftershow events in the same sequence. From the heroine's outfit (blouse and jeans), to the drive to the venue (traffic, bitching about parking costs), to the show itself (singer comes out from stage left after the rest of the band begins to play, audience is deafening), to the meeting backstage (too many similarities to list)… Again, I'll give that author the benefit of the doubt too, but that finally spurred me into action. Rather than leave my work open to potential "borrowing" of ideas, I'm taking it down. I love my characters and storyline with a mama-bear fierceness and don't want to see them pop up in someone else's work when my back is turned.

THANK YOU, LOVE AND A MOUNTAIN OF COOKIES to all of my loyal readers! I took all of your reviews seriously and kept them in mind as I rewrote the book. The new and improved version of MMA will have some core elements of the original (Jon, Jasmine and Strange Angels!) with a fresh plotline. I'm hoping to make it available as an ebook by August 2013. Until then, rock on, my beloved Angel Interceptors!