Move On

January 27th, 2009


He grabbed my arm, then the world fell apart,

The colours turned to gray,

And our voices were gone.


He told me sorry.

I never forgave him,

I never tried to.


He lunged at my throat,

And I couldn't stop the sobs,

"I love you too"


He drank and drank,

and yelled and screamed.


Then I disappeared,

And he never even noticed.

Is this what I deserve?

I walked out the door,

Past broken dishes and bloody floors,

Inhuman voices sang.


They sang and sang and sang,

And told me how they loved me,

How they owed so much.


How he would burn,

Rot and churn,

In the open pits of cold hell.


I took a step and never stopped,

I walked away and never thought.

I never did, I never was.


This was no reality,

This wasn't true,

It never happened.


I will forget, I will forget,

And I will pretend,

That I never knew him.


These bruises will fade,

And these cuts will heal,

And I won't care anymore.