A Poem For You

With the blue sky above,

and the green earth below,

I look around this world

wondering where to go.

I catch a glimpse of sunshine

and a pair of eyes so blue.

And as I run to find them,

I ran right into you.

And now my world is crazy,

its been turned upside down.

The sky below, and earth above,

it's been that way since you've been found.

Why couldn't I see you before?

I've known you for so long,

I guess I thought it didn't matter....

but god was I ever wrong.

Your the first person I talk to

and the last to whom I say good night.

Perhaps what we feel is wrong,

but in my heart I think it might just be right.

So I go through this crazy world,

just trying to make it through.

But I'm glad that you told me

that you feel the same way too.