So She Screams

(written January 23, 2009)

He struts in casually flaunting his stuff
You would of thought I've had enough

There he displays his signature grin
It's always there sucking me in

He thinks he's great He thinks he's fine
His smile radiates a natural shine

His body is that of David's image
Gazing upon it causese heart damage

He makes every girl feel like his
Every element about him is,

Screaming beauty, love, perfection
He draws you in towards his direction

Cocky, arrogant, haughty, proud
He sings and dances on a cloud

Still I find myself bemused
Mixed signals making me confused

He shall forever remain pure as gold
Every girl longing to behold

Upon his statuesque countenance
All dying to have a chance

But he is above all our dreams
She is heartbroken, so she screams