He was perfect; cute, funny, smart, and just fun to be around. When I met him for the first time, I knew he was the one. It was love at first sight. He was everything I wanted and we had so much in common. I knew I was in love when all I could think about was him. I decided to learn all I could about him. We were destined to be together, why not get a head start? Pretty soon, I knew everything about him. There was nothing I didn't know and if something new popped up, I was the first to know about it. Some day he would realize that he was going to marry me.

But then I saw him with another girl. I couldn't believe him! I thought he was better than that—I knew he was better than that! But there he was, holding and kissing some girl who didn't deserve him. I decided to break them up. He was mine.

That girl was easy enough to get rid of; I just told her he was cheating on her. She believed me. More girls came, though. I had to spread rumors about him to get them away and by the time the fourth girl had broken up with him, no girl wanted to even go near him.

And then she came around. She was resilient. I spread more, nastier rumors about both of them, I photoshopped a picture of him with a girl much prettier than her and taped them all over the school, I even threatened her a few times. But she was nowhere near her breaking point, I could see that. So I decided to do the only other thing I could think of…

I followed her home one particularly beautiful day. I watched her closely, making note of her every move, her every expression, her every everything. I had to know when would be the best time to do it, when I could take her from him forever and nobody would suspect a thing.

And then I saw him. Her brother. I froze at the sight of him. There was something about him that took my breath away, something that made me feel better than ever before. I watched him closely, completely forgetting about her. He was just too amazing to look away from.

My boy eventually showed up. He gave her a kiss, but I wasn't bothered anymore. When he walked in and stood next to her brother, he was plain, boring, and stupid. But her brother, he was everything I could ask for: cute, funny, and smart. He was perfect.


The End

I know this is really short, but that's it. You can use your own imagination for the rest of the story. I did that on purpose. I am writing no more. Which means it would be completely POINTLESS to put this story on your alert list. Seriously people. A one-shot means no more. Not that I don't enjoy knowing you like my story enough to take the time to put it there, but I feel guilty for not updating even when I know I never will and it's your loss. I think my mind just likes finding reasons to put me down.

Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed. I wrote this for a talent show. Stupid, I know, but writing is my ONLY talent and I decided to share it with people I actually know instead of losers like me who have no life and come on the internet to spend time reading pointless author notes. Enough of my rambling! Just review already!