I Wrote this at the Office

For work every day I wait
for the bus and it's always
late but, nobody ever cares,
the destinations are just drawings
on thin, folded pages and
my mouth is always dry,
the wind is always wicked and
the people are always huddled
together lovelessly but, never moving.
However, a shocking lack of
transitions has brought me to the
realization that I am perfect for this:
They don't make them
more dead inside than I am.

I have a good job
and I never get laid but,
I'm paid very well, the
meaning of life
is found in the quality of the
we do
and the moon is always minus
what the movies say it is,
the sun is always very far away,
my relationships mean shit to me
and I am not happy with
the way I am supposed to live my life.