The Other Side

Wheels on gravel,
Feet over the locked gate,
Then legs,
A soft thump.
I am in the meadow,
A forbidden Eden hidden in the desert of humanity.

The wind whispers a greeting.
And the tall soft grasses rustle in response.
But they speak not to me,
Never to me.
For I am an outsider here,
A foreigner to natural's breathtaking garden.
But I remain
One in a million.

As I approach
An animal flees further into the brush.
I catch the last glimpses of its lofty red tail
Darting away as it flees to a better place.
Red in the cream colored grass.
Like fire in the water,
A sight never to be seen without eyes
Wide in childish wonder.
I raise my face to the clouds
And the sun washes my inhibitions away.