I woke up this morning,
Thinking of those words that you said,
Been thinking it through and I miss you, too,
Still see that soft, scared grin in my head.

So baby, I understand,
I won't make demands,
You're free to go, you're free to stay,
You're always welcome to head back my way.

With me, you hold the keys,
With me, do what you please,
With me, you're safe in my embrace,
With me, you can set the pace.

I woke up this morning,
The color of your voice was all around,
Now seeing clear, there's nothing to fear,
Nothing here to keep you tied down.

So baby, don't hesitate,
See all the memories that await,
No strings attached, no hidden catch,
Just a definition I'm trying to match.

With me, there's no need to run,
With me, you can jump the gun,
With me, you can be here to stay,
With me, you can still fly away.

Like a long, sunny day, I'm glad when you're around,
Like an old, lucky penny, I'm grinning at what I've found,
Like a long, dead memory, I'll be sorry when you're gone,
Like a sudden, warm feeling, the night is darkest before dawn.

With me, we'll see just where we go,
With me, we can take it fast or take it slow,
With me, there's no need to hurry,
With me, there's no need to worry.

With me, you can spread your wings,
With me, we'll cut all the strings,
With me, I'll help you to soar,
With me, it can always go back to before.