MAY 2003

I will always remember that day.

The day before the last day of school.

It was May 29th 2003.

It was almost summer!

I got called to the office.

I wondered why but was excited and carefree.

I thought maybe we were leaving early.

I got there and sat down.

My parents walked in.

I'll never forget their faces.

Eyes red and puffy.

Tearstains, and more coming.

My first thought wasn't to far off.

And yet it was way off.

I thought one of my grandparents had died.

That was more logical.

Some one had died.

Two some ones.

So little and so young.

Why did they go?

My mom told us, my sisters and I.

My cousins were gone.

My three and five year old cousins.

Cooper and Jack.

A terrigator had hit my aunt's jeep.

The backseat was flat.

A careless driver, going to fast.

He couldn't stop fast enough.

I still can't look at a terrigator without remembering this. This day is imprinted in my brain and in my heart. The driver didn't mean to do it, it was an accident but still. My Aunt has permanent brain Trauma. My two little cousins are dead. Their mom has two little girls now. They should have two big brothers. This will always hurt. It will always be there, I will never forget. My life changed that day. It will never be the same. It can't ever be the same.