I have to admit, the nightmares frighten me. They're like terrors of the night, waiting for one to fall asleep. They wait for when you are most vulnerable. The most frequent one visits me again tonight, much to my despair. It begins the same way, as always. Sweat is trickling past my temples, scorching my skin. I cannot help but clench my hands in anguish.

I don't know where I am.

"Help." I say. The sound I make is hoarse, a thick whisper. My limps are stiff; I cannot move them. Everything is dark. Panic begins to tug at my heart. Where am I? My parched lips can't make out a scream.

A young woman materializes. I almost gasp in awe. In these dreams, I'm always alone. Her presence is startling, more than it should be. She cocks her head, appraising me. Her eyes gleam brightly.

"Please." I urge as tremors crawl up my legs. The fire pounds at my forehead relentlessly. Each time it does, a raging pain sweeps across my body, piercing into every pore. It is becoming difficult to breathe. The blazing runs over me as if it's a second skin, festering at joints. I scream.

The woman smiles gently, as if pitying me. She watches as every fiber of my being quivers with angst. The flames that I cannot see are licking my legs.

I fall.

The inferno smothers me.