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I shook myself awake, looking sleepily out of the car that Lia had hijacked. She was driving, completely silent, lips a thin, white line.

It was now evening. I was back in my Veaie uniform, and so were the boys. They were in the back, sprawled as they slept. I smiled slightly.

"Finally," she said, her red hair casting a curtain between us.

"Yeah," My voice sounded hoarse.

"We're right here. We just have to find…" she squinted as she looked through the windshield.

Lia scrolled the down the window.

"Hola, señorita." A tanned man said, his eyes widening as he took in Lia. "Quieres ayuda?"

Lia pursed her lips. "No creo…as ecuchado de la Señora Olivia?"

The man shook his head, handing her a parking pass.

"Gracias." she said sullenly, accelerating up to the parking lot. When she found a suitable spot, she motioned me out of the car.

I gaped at the tall, grand, and green beauty. It seemed like myriads of hilltops with houses, the structures spindling. "Wow," I breathed.

"Whatever. Wake the boys up, Stella."

Stella slithered from her leg, shimmying through the open door. Right, she said, I'm on it.

"How are we going to find her? It seems so big."

"Naomi, I've never been much of a tracker, but it's called the smile-and-ask-questions method. Meaning, we have to rely on asking the guides and the native peoples if they've heard of Olivia. Or magic, or the Faeries. They might know them as a tribe. I don't know...which questions to ask exactly. But we'll get there."

"I thought you were ready for this!"

"Chill, White." Hunter said, stretching his arms as he got out of the car. "ugh…I'm hungry. Yo, Lia, can we have something to eat?"

"Yo?" Lia blinked, as if she hadn't heard him right.

"You say it wrong," Hunter sniffed, "It's supposed to be ---"

"Both of you are arguing how to pronounce a slang word." Michael said lazily. "Honestly. Let's get started on Mission Olivia."

We walked for what seemed hours, hiking around, asking pudgy men and women, who were deeply tanned, of the Olivia we searched.

"No," every person would say, solemnly shaking their head.

Lia grew crankier with each failure, and Hunter grew cockier. Michael was brooding the entire time, seeming utterly distracted.

We had past so many villages, that when Lia screamed, it came as a surprise.

"What's up?" Hunter asked, looking around.

"There it is!" she said, her eyes wild. She pointed into the forest.

"Uh, I don't see anything." he said.

"It's so bright!" she said, rushing forward. "Come on."

We walked rapidly. I turned, and yelled, "Michael! We found it! I think."

Michael shook his head out of his trance, following us, shaking his head to himself. I wondered what was wrong with him, slowing down.

"Are you okay?"


"Michael, what is wrong? You're so…not you. You're quiet."

"YOU TWO!" Lia hollered, "Stop doing whatever you're doing, and haul yourselves up here."

I quickened my step, gaping at what Lia had been seeing.

There were thousands of Faeries flitting around and hovering. They were all drop-dead gorgeous, yet so completely different in their beauty.

I knew immediately which one was the Queen of Faeries.

It was like in the movies, when the camera panels in on one person, zooming into them from a great distance away with speed, zeroing on her face.

I felt as if my eyes were drawn to her, as if she were a magnet.

Queen Olivia had a sharp, angular face. Her lips were pursed, thick, and a scarlet red. Her white-blonde hair fell in layers around her, her bright eyes buzzing. Her eyes were…they were a cream white, a shade darker than plain ivory, so that it could be distinguished from the white around her eyes.

She sat regally on a throne, her long legs crossed.

"Queen Olivia," Lia murmured, bowing her head respectively, as the rest of us mimicked her movements. "Lia Waters, Faerie." She looked at us pointedly. "Say your power after your name. It's respectful."

"Can she hear us?" Hunter frowned, "'Cause we're pretty far away from her."

Immediately, the entire kingdom was silenced.

"Go, do what I said." Lia said, avoiding our gaze.

Michael caught on first. "Michael Torrent, Veaie. Ice."

"Hunter Fore, Veaie. Invisibility." Hunt grinned.

"Naomi White, Veaie. Fire." I said, my voice sounding shaky.

Olivia pursed her thick, pale lips. "Indeed, it is rather fascinating."

"What is?" Hunter asked blankly.

"Hush!" Lia hissed.

He shrugged in response.

"The Faerie needs attending. She's worn out." Olivia's face brooded, her features seeming gaunter than it was. "Faerie," she said coldly, "to the House."

"What's the House?" Michael frowned as Lia was tugged away by some urging Veaie. I looked at him, surprised that he had spoken.

"What do we do now?" Hunter scowled glancing around.

"I'll show you to the outside," said a dark-skinned girl. She has short, cropped her and beautiful eyes.

"Outside? What do you mean?" Hunter said.

"You're on Faerie territory. You aren't allowed."

"Aren't we technically your allies? You help us, right?" I asked.

"Sorry, can't. I'll guide you. There's an open meadow around there," she pointed.

"Thanks," Michael said. "What's your name?"

"Tiffany." she said, smiling at him. Immediately, my fists clenched.

We walked over to the meadow that she had spoken about, and she handed us sleeping bags that she were hanging from the tree.

"Are you sure those are sanitary?" Hunt said, looking at them with a frown.

"Of course," she laughed, "They're here for the guests. The Veaie guests."

"And since we're technically an endangered species, shouldn't you take good care of us?"

"It doesn't work like that. Our queen likes to make sure that you toughen up."

"Alright, Tiffany," Hunter winked at her, then added, "I'm single,"

"When hell freezes over," she called, zipping into the forest.

"Nice try," I said. "Though it didn't work."

"Hey, as long as I'm surrounded by a million hot chicks, I might as well try." he looked at Michael. "Hey, you alive?"


"You've been too serious since the beach, Michael. What's wrong?" I walked over to him.

"Nothing," he said. I knew immediately that he was lying. His hands were beginning to pale, turning an icy blue, and he had begun to quiver. "I'll go ask for some food."

He trudged off into the direction Tiffany had gone in. I shook my hair, which had matted to a thick mass since the ocean.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh!" I ran my fingers through my chunky hair. After half an hour o f combing through the mess with only my hands an Hunter's titters, I managed to make it somewhat decent.

"Better now?" he asked sarcastically.

"Much." I answered,

"Let's talk." Hunter said, holding out his arm. "And walk."

"I heard that boys can't multitask, but alright," I smiled tentatively, liking how different this was from the intensity of our quest.

We walked into the gentle darkness, the leaves crunching beneath my feet.

"You know…I like being a Veaie. Means we get to skip school."

I laughed, "That is so you."

Hunter smiled wryly at my comment. "And hanging out with my best buds."

"Aw, thanks, Hunt! That's so sweet!" I said.

He rolled his eyes. I let go of his arm, hugging my chest.

"You're a very stylish girl, you know."

"Ha ha."

"I meant in your Power. It's pretty neat. I wish I had it. But, no, I have the Power to turn Invisible. Ooh, that's so scary."

"It'll be good for the final meeting with Bjorn."

"Yep. And ice…that's cool. Pun intended."

It was my turn to roll my eyes, "Wow, Hunter, wow."

"Can I try something?"

"As long as it is legal…and not dangerous…then, yes, I guess."

He turned to look at me, his amber eyes blazing.

"What? Have I got something on my face?"

"No." he stretched out the word. "But…I'm trying to figure something out."

"What, then?"

"What Michael sees in you."

I punched his stomach.

"I was kidding!" he said loudly, shoving my hand away. Then he leaned in.

He cupped his hands around my chin, tipping it forward, pushing his lips to mine. They were fierce and rough, as if there wasn't enough time. He placed his hands around my back, bringing me closer to his chest.

I shoved my hands firmly in his chest, and pushed. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"What?" he said, sounding innocent.

"I'm with Michael! What was that for?"

"I told you I wanted to try something! And you said it was okay." he said. "Aaw, come on. It's not everyday we can save the world and make out in the same day." he says, ducking his head under the withered branch and flashing a smile.

"Shut up! Now I have to explain this to Michael!"

"He doesn't have to know."

"Yes, he does. He's my…boyfriend." The word sounded wrong on my tongue.

"Didn't you feel something there?"

"Well, definitely your lips, that's what."

"Very funny. I meant a connection."

"No. Ew. Why?"

He was quiet. "Just wondering."

"Why did you do that? You know I'm with Michael."

"Stop whining. You know you liked it."

"No, I didn't."

"Yes, you did."

"You have a mental disorder."

"Why, thank you."

"HUNTER! NOMI!" a familiar voice called.

"HERE!" I cupped my hands around my mouth to holler. Soon, they came into view, both Michael and Lia.

"It took everything for me to get here." Lia said.

"And for me to get food." Michael groaned. He was carrying a wooden crate. His eyes darted between us, a frown burrowing his brows

"Hey, you guys." Hunter said casually.

Michael's eyes continued to ping-pong between Hunter and I. "So…what were you guys up to?"

I hesitated. To lie or not to lie…I thought.

Oh, dear, what happened?

Stella! I squealed mentally.

I see. How do you think you would feel if you were in Michael's shoes?

"Nothing." I blurted. "We were just hanging out."

Hunter grinned broadly, "It was just for fun. Nothing serious."

I turned to glare at him, so only he could see it. He just pursed his lips, reminding me of what he had done to me when Michael was away. I stuck my tongue out at him, feeling childish.

Lia crossed the distance between us. "Well, what did you think of the Queen?"

"Why don't you call her by her name?" Michael inquired.

"Well, if you're well within her hearing range, she'll eavesdrop."

"That's nice." Hunter said sarcastically.

"She can only hear for a couple hundred miles."

"A couple hundred miles. What's that to anyone?" Hunter joked.

"How come she couldn't hear us before?" I asked, frowning.

"She did. I said her name and you guys did to so she could get a warning."

Michael opened the crate, placing it carefully on the floor. When he emptied the contents, the white paper bags looked oddly familiar, with red and yellow designs…

"Happy Meals?" I asked skeptically.

Ba-da ba-ba-ba, I'm loving it…sang Stella.

"You're in a good mood." Lia commented, patting her silver head that was coiled around her ankle.

A good dose of drama can do that to you, she answered simply. Lia had a questioning look on her face, but quickly hid it.

"It was all I could be permitted to give to you. Don't ask." Lia said, handing us each one.

I ate it with gusto, finishing it in less than a minute. Hunter had ate my pace too. Michael, on the other hand, had taken his time, eating each French fry with a fragile slowness.

"Well, I'm stuffed." Hunter yawned, stretching his arms wildly. "Time to hit the sack."

"You guys did good." Lia said, winding her finger around her hair.

"So when do we get the prophecy?" I said curiously, unrolling my sleeping bag, and shimmying into it.

"Soon. Ol---, I mean the Queen, likes to keep you waiting on your toes. But since she knows the world is at stake, then most likely tomorrow."

"I wonder what it'll say…" I mused aloud.

"Hopefully good news." Michael said, already in his sleeping bag. Lia towered over us, her hands on her hips.

"Sleep well," she sighed, walking off into the distance.

"Good night," Michael said quietly.

"G'night." Hunter yawned again, which caused me to do so too.

"Hunter!" I groaned, "You made me yawn!"

He yawned again, stretching his mouth widely and releasing a relaxed sigh. This time, I could hear Michael yawning from a few feet away too.

"Look what you did," I said, smiling into the darkness. "Causing the Yawn Effect."