It was quite often on a rainy afternoon that the quirky and rather ostracized Lunette would sit down in a cheerful café and berate strangers with her bizarre banter. She would hold her head high as the wispy white strands of hair that had fallen from her ponytail tickled her cheeks; and she would speak in a voice that over time had become both desperate and obnoxious. It was on an especially rainy afternoon when she came upon Austin. He was sitting alone near the window, his long legs looking comical in the red plush chair that was much too close to the ground. Lunette was intrigued by his noticeable aloneness and eagerly sat down across from him. She stared at him for some time, not because he was a handsome man (though his features were somewhat alluring), but in her hope that he would strike up a conversation with her. It was her luck that Austin was not bothered by the presence of strangers.

"Hello? I'm Austin. Who are you?"

Lunette liked how he sipped at his drink while he quizzically regarded her.

"Lunette. What do you do Austin?"

"I do the cover art for young adult novels. What do you do?"

"Nothing of interest. Now on to more important matters…Austin, have you ever fallen down a stair case?"

He nodded his head, more than mildly confused.

"Do you recall that feeling as your limbs cascade and twist, that urgency to scream? But you couldn't scream because your throat was either too dry or too wet. And suddenly you're at the bottom and there's one second of release, one hit of adrenaline. It's supremely gratifying, but too quickly the pain comes to you, and it feels sharp but soft at the same time. You're still trying to scream, your eyes are burning and all you can think is 'Dear God, I'm dying'. But that's not the worst part. Austin, do you remember the worst part?"

He shook his head.

"You see, the worst part is that no one's home. No one's home. And you're all alone. You're all alone."