Prisoner's Dream

The place where my heart should be

Is as hollow and grey

As a rain cloud

I long to love

I long to feel loved

I feel like I'm in a room

With no doors and a crack for a window

The paint is peeled off

The hard concrete floors are cold and dusty

This isn't what I had in mind for sanctuary

I know it seems childish

But I like to think myself strong enough to push down

These unwanted, guardian-like walls

I want darkness to stop following me around

But I can't do anything about it

I'm sitting and waiting

Waiting for the light to finally shine through

And to perhaps warm me a little

Sometimes I feel rather foolish

Admitting my feelings like this

And sometimes I feel proud of myself

But not too proud

I hope that when these walls do come tumbling down

I hope to see standing betwixt the ocean and sand