Chamomile Tea

If you must know I was dancing

In my mind, a pas de deux

With you

My love is many things

A box, a bird, a star, a page,

A bubble, a leaf, a cloud, or a balloon

Not a word of it escapes my lips

For anxiety of crumbling our status as "close friends"

Someday when we break away from misunderstood childish ways

Maybe you'll choose me

I promise how I feel will be like chamomile tea

It'll be sweet naturally and it'll be good for you

Taking away most of your pains

And it'll embrace you like sunlight on a January day

Maybe we'll have days when that love spell wear off

And we say words we wish could replace with some more tea

But even birds will fly through a storm and live

So will my love, even if you flutter away

In search of a different bride