Problem #1:

"Miri!" A deep male pitched voiced roared over the crowd of students. I, on the other hand, just grinned and crossed my legs as I sat down on the fountain's ledge. I knew that he was eventually going to find out.

Aiden Wilson. Yup. My best friend and right on cue. 5'8" of gorgeous hunk with shaggish brown hair that has the cutest hint of curls. His crystal blue eyes raged with anger. I smiled.

"Yes? As I recall, that is my name," I replied oh so innocently. Aiden didn't take to my "joking around" kindly. I kind of winced as he glared at me with momentarily hatred.

"Why the fuck would you send this to everyone?" I tilted my head slightly to the side confused. Now, all I did was tape a piece of paper to his locker with a picture of him kissing a barney stuff animal of his little sister's. Haha…that was my dare to him. BUT I never sent a picture around. I'm not that cruel.

"Huh? What do you mean? What are you accusing me of now?" I asked. Aiden looked pissed as he pulled his phone out and searched through it. I stood up, my long curly bleach blonde hair with red and silver high lights, framed my face and posture. Annoyingly, I shoved my hair out of my face and stood on my tippy toes to watch what Aiden was doing.

Unexpectantly, Aiden angrily shoved the phone in my face to where I came face to face of him and Ginnie Martin FULL FLEDGE making out. My jaw literally dropped.

"Whodawhatdatookadispictura?" Aiden slammed his phone shut and lowered his face down into mine.

"Why the hell did you take this picture?" he asked me. I gulped. I honestly didn't know what he was talking about.

"I didn't take the damn picture. I thought you were talking about the barney picture from my party that I taped on your locker. Sheesh!" I grumbled. He blinked.

"You did what?" he yelled finally comprehending what I said. I flinched.

"Sorry…" I mumbled. He sighed with exhaustion.

"No, I should be the one sorry. I shouldn't have accused you automatically, but you're good at pulling stunts like these," he said. I shrugged because he was absolutely right. Wasn't the first time that he yelled at me. He was fun to tease….hmmm.

"It I were to take a picture and send it around, it definitely would be of barney, not Ginnie," I said. I grinned when I saw the bewildered look on his face. He lightly shoved me and I swayed to the side.

"You're a total bitch, you know that?" he stated with a half grin. I just smiled back proud and leaned against him. A yawn escaped my mouth and he chuckled. I was enjoying the silence. Well it wasn't really silent for the fountain's water fall, the birds chirping, and cars driving by. It was more peaceful.

"WHHHAT!?" I jumped knocking Aiden in the face and falling into the fountain. I sat there dazed and wet as Ginnie Martin, Pammy Rams, and Simon Rhor walked over. Aiden glanced back at me to see if I was okay as an strong arm wrapped around my waist. It startled me, causing me to jump straight up into the air.

"Are you okay?" the male's voice whispered into my ear. I kind of just shook my head as Aiden gave the person behind me a death stare and then turning his full attention to Ginnie.

"What the hell Aiden?" Ginnie barked. Aiden threw his hands up.

"It wasn't me!" Aiden yelled.

"Like hell. You're the only person I know with that picture," she spat back. I kind of blinked. Ah, shit. Should I be Miri to the rescue or let Aiden take this one on his own? He wasn't doing to great as it was…but. "I will ruin you Aiden Wilson. You and your little girlfriend."

That's it. "Oh the hell you won't. You leave Halelyn out of this mess and just to let you know, that picture was from freshie year….duh so it shouldn't matter. And you know what? That was me who sent the god damn picture so don't you be accusing innocent little boys," I turned my glare to Aiden. "who didn't do shit. You got me? So if you have something to say, say it to me. I may be short, but I can kick some major ass!" I yelled. The arm around my waist only tightened.

Ginnie smiled sickly. "You're too big for your britches Miri. Don't make fights that you can't handle." She turned away and walked off. My face was probably beat red. I curled my fist. She is such a bitch. I really ought to kill her, like my plans since second grade.

"You didn't have to do that you know," Aiden said as he laid back on the ledge. The arm unwrapped it self. I blinked and turned around quickly. A boy like five inches taller than me and like so much buffer than me stood there. He wore black jeans with a Bullet For My Valentine Tee. His hair was black and in neat spikes down his head. His lip was pierced on the left side. What got me was his eyes. So magnificent. A very light brown with hints of hazel. GORGEOUS.

"Who are you?" I asked curious. I've never seen him before. I knew that for a fact or else I would have already been friends with him. He was very cute. Aiden sat back up as he heard me talking.

"I'm Remedy Burner. You can call me Rem or Remmy or whatever you prefer." I studied him again. An ear bud from his ipod was in his ear.

"I'm Mirianna Jones, but I go by Miri. Nice to be your acquaintance." I bowed and he just laughed at me. Hey, I'm weird. If I wasn't weird or different, than who would I be? Definitely not myself. I'm the spice that heatens up everyone's social life.

"Miri is it?" he asked. He smiled. Oh gosh…I'm in heaven. His smile is so breath taking…I could stare at him forever.

"Mirianna Jones, please come with me," Principle Henkins ordered. I turned around and came face to face with him.

"God dammit…" I cursed. There was problem number one.