Yet another Adam and Shane story. This one I think is more in their character than the last one. But I have a thing for emo boys getting beat up and then comforted by other guys. Especially when the other guys were suposed to be straight. But that has nothing to do with this story. Basically, the tale of Shane dragging Adam to a gay bar. Yay!

"Hey Adam! Let's go clubbing!" Shane suggested, as he bounced on his boyfriend's lap.

"If you keep bouncing like that the only place you're going is the bed," Adam groaned. Shane grinned wickedly and rolled his hips forwards. Adam groaned and bit Shane's neck lightly. Shane pulled off Adam's beanie and threaded his fingers through his silky brown hair. He kissed the brunette deeply, running his tongue over Adam's teeth. Adam wrapped his arms around Shane's waist, hands slipping underneath his Slytherin shirt. Shane moaned as Adam's hand burned across his back, tingling up his spine. Adam kissed Shane's neck sloppily, licking down to his collarbone. He bit at it softly, making the blonde groan and thrust their hips together again. Adam reached up and molested his ear, pulling Shane closer to him. He stood and the smaller boy wrapped his legs around Adam's waist. Connected like that, Adam walked them into their bedroom, dumping Shane on the bed.

"So can we go clubbing now?" Shane asked after Adam had finished fucking him into the mattress. Adam groaned and covered his face with a pillow.

"Shane, it's three a.m. We just fucked two times in a row. Me topping both times. Isn't your ass sore? 'Cause you know if we go clubbing, then you'll wear your nice tight leather pants, and you'll get fucked at least two more times. Me topping, again. And then you'll whine and complain again tomorrow, and refuse to go anywhere. We can go clubbing some other time," Adam promised. Shane grinned.

"Okay!" With that, Shane curled his body up and tucked his head under Adam's chin. Adam chuckled and draped an arm over Shane's side. He pulled the sheets up and they both promptly fell asleep.

"Adam! You promised! You said we could go clubbing some other time! And besides, you didn't fuck me last night! My ass will be fine if you fuck me three times in a row tonight!" Adam groaned and nodded.

"Okay, fine. Let's go clubbing. Where are we going?" He pushed himself off the couch and promptly flopped back on their bed.

"We're going to that one place we always go, the really gay one." Adam nodded.

"I suppose you're going to wear you ridiculously tight leather pants just to tease me?" he grinned.

"Of course! Anything for you, darling!" Shane leaned down and gave him a quick peck. "Are you really wearing that?"

"God, Shane! You sound like a bitchy little girl!" Adam dragged himself up and pulled out a fairly tight pair of jeans. Shane tossed a hoodie at him. "What's this?"

"Oh, well. You have such lovely ab muscles, you should want to show them off!" Adam chocked.

"Like, wear only the hoodie?"

"Preferably unzipped."

"Oh my God, you're insane!" Adam protested. Shane kissed him again.

"Not insane, I just want to see how many jealous looks I can get!"

"I'll be the one getting jealous looks, not you," he countered. "Actually, I'll probably just get jealous of all the hot guys hanging all over you."

"Really?" Shane purred. "Would you get horribly jealous? Would you punish me?" he whispered, eyes dancing in excitement.

"If I see you kissing anyone else," Adam promised. Shane grinned.

"You know I wouldn't! Now put on the hoodie!" Adam rolled his eyes as Shane walked out of the room, swaying his hips much more than necessary. That boy was going to be the death of him.

Their senses were assaulted as soon as they walked into the club. Smoke hung thick and heavy in the air, loud music pounded from everywhere, making Shane's blood vibrate. He grinned and dragged Adam over to the bar by his hand.

"Hey Fabio!" he grinned at one of the bartenders.

"Hey Shane!" Fabio was Mexican, with thick black hair with bleached streaks. He had snakebites on his lovely dark skin. He had a bit of an accent, but not so much that they couldn't understand him. Adam raised an eyebrow at Shane.

"Fabio, this is Adam, my boyfriend. Adam, this is Fabio, my cousin." Adam raised an eyebrow at him again. "Yeah, okay fine. He's not my cousin, he's an ex." Fabio grinned and flicked his hair out of his eyes.

"So what'll you have?"

"Strawberry daiquiri, and…"

"Guinness," Adam finished.

"You're still as gay as I remember, Shane," Fabio laughed at Shane's choice of drink.

"Shut up, Fabio!" Shane laughed. "Oh! I love this song! C'mon, Adam! Let's dance! Fabio will hold our drinks!"

"Shane, you know I don't dance unless I've been drinking."

"Suit yourself," he shrugged and glided off to the dance floor. Fabio put a Guinness in front of Adam, who sipped it absently as he watched Shane. His boyfriend was wearing tight leather pants and not a whole lot else. His top was- well actually, Adam wasn't sure what had happened to Shane's top. He was sure the smaller blonde boy had been wearing one when they had gone in, but he wasn't wearing one now. Oh well. Shane danced up and down, all around, rubbing up against all the other men in the club, grinding with some, sliding up and down other's chests. There was one in particular, a larger guy, at least six foot. He was black, and well muscled. He too, was not wearing a shirt, and he had really short hair. Shane kept returning to him, rubbing against him, grinding, intertwining their bodies. Adam took one more gulp of Guinness and went to intervene. Shane was acting highly inappropriately! Adam reached them and yanked Shane back so that his chest was pressed against Shane's back. Shane ground his hips back, rubbing his ass against Adam's half hard cock. Adam gasped and bit Shane's neck lightly. Shane froze, still not knowing that it was Adam he was dancing with. Adam grinned and leaned down to whisper in his ear.

"Dancing like that, I might have to punish you, little boy!" Shane shuddered and twisted around, kissing Adam full on the lips. "I thought you were out here to dance?" Adam laughed.

"I was, and then this really sexy guy came up and bit my neck."

"Ahh, I can see where that would get distracting. Well, start dancing, you naughty little boy!" Shane grinned and twisted away, loosing himself in the music. Nothing he did made any sense, but at the same time, it fit perfectly. This time, though, Shane was grinding against Adam, rubbing against Adam. Shane lined up their hips and slid his hands in Adam's open hoodie. Adam gasped as Shane simultaneously thrust their hips together, tweaked his nipples and sucked on the pulse point in his neck. He felt like he was about to faint from pleasure overload.

"Lucky bastard," Fabio muttered as he watched Adam and Shane dancing. He grinned. He'd had his fun with Shane. Now it was Adam's turn. Besides, Fabio had a nice boyfriend now. Nothing like Shane had been. Thomas was a calm as Shane had been wild. It was nice to be able to rest sometimes, to just cuddle. He was jolted out of his thoughts by Adam landing heavily on the stool in front of him. Fabio smiled winningly and handed him his unfinished Guinness. Shane soon followed, sipping his strawberry daiquiri gratefully. Both were sweating up a storm, making them look positively delectable. Soon Shane was finished with his daiquiri, and ordered a shot of vodka. Fabio laughed at the difference between his drinks. Shane rolled his eyes and threw back the shot without wincing. Right after that he climbed into Adam's lap, straddling him on the bar stool.

"Shane-" Adam started, but then Shane started, and Adam was lost. Shane's lips danced across his mouth, his neck, his shoulders, his chest. Shane grinned wickedly and rolled his hips forwards, making Adam gasp. Shane nibbled on Adam's ear lightly before whispering.

"C'mon, let's go home. More comfortable." Adam managed to nod. Shane climbed off him and paid Fabio. They waved at each other and Shane followed his horny boyfriend outside.

Unfortunately, Adam couldn't take waiting to get home. The moment they were outside, Adam had Shane pressed roughly against a wall and was trying to kiss the life out of him.

"Adam!" Shane gasped as Adam sucked and nibbled on his neck. "Adam!" he tried again. "Adam…building…see us…nggg! Oh fuck it!" Shane felt his resolve crumble when Adam shoved his knee between Shane's legs. Adam leaned down to nibble at Shane's chest. He moaned loudly as Adam kept kissing his way down. He kissed the buckled of Shane's spiky belt and then pulled his pants down. He licked his lips when he saw that Shane had forgone underwear tonight, and he was very hard.

"Hey!" a voice called out loudly. Adam pulled back and looked around. There was a very large man standing right next to them. He was wearing a shirt that said BOUNCER, but it looked like the only think he could bounce was a basketball. He had a fairly impressive beer belly, and had ripped the sleeves off his shirt. Ooh, how tough and scary! Shane pulled his pants up quickly and Adam stood up.

"Ya'll better git out of here!" he said loudly. They nodded and ran off in the other direction. They reached the car and slid in, collapsing into a fit of giggles that turned into full blown laughter, which turned into Adam blowing Shane in the back seat. Huh, funny how things work out.

Shane laid happily against Adam's warm chest, smiling as he felt Adam lay his head on top of Shane's.



"Why did that bouncer look so upset?" Shane laughed.

"He was probably jealous of you, getting to suck my huge cock." Adam grinned.

"Yeah, I'm sure that was it." They just sat there for a while, quietly enjoying each other's company. After a while, Shane started to get a bit uncomfortable.


"Yeah?" the brunette responded groggily.

"The seatbelt buckle's digging into my back."

"That sounds like a personal problem."

"Can we go home now? And eat ice cream and watch a movie or something?"

"Sure." Adam softly kissed the top of Shane's curly hair. Shane smiled and sat up.

"You know that we will end up cuddling, which means we will end up kissing, which means we will end up fucking, right?"

"I am willing to accept those terms."

"Good." Shane grinned and straddled Adam. "Because they are non-negotiable." He leaned down and kissed his brunette deeply. "Now let's get home!"