I was thinking of maybe turning this into a full-fledged story, but... It could also stand alone as it is. Let me know what you think, dear readers.

Chapter One

I think they call it love, this that rises within me at the sight of him, the thought of him, the sound of his voice.

It twists inside me, painful and tender at once, sharp and powerful. Anything… I would do anything for him.

I watch him as he smiles, his lips quirking sideways, his eyes transforming into twinkling half-circles. And he laughs. It's a rich sound, like a river rumbling over rocks. It rushes through my body and wraps around my soul.

Then he looks at me, and his eyes soften, rounder now, wider. His smile is softer, too, so beautiful I want to weep. He blinks once, twice, long lashes brushing against his pale cheeks, framing his strong nose.

I smile. I feel like exploding. Instead, I smile again.

He says my name.


I almost die. Everything inside me is different, stirred, twisted, moved, shifted by his voice, ripped to pieces by the rich sound of his voice, the motion of his lips forming my name.

"Hello," I say. "Caelan." All the other words get caught somewhere inside me, drowned by the emotion caused by speaking his name.

He reaches out a long, slender hand, and somehow, I manage to take it. It's warm, gentle, curling around my hand like ivy. I almost gasp at the touch, a touch that makes me feel more like myself than I ever have before, a touch that draws out the longings hidden in my heart, slowly, torturously tugging them from my heart, pulling them like a loose thread, ripping them out slowly, like they are stitches. I can barely stand it, barely breathe. Everything in my heart is coming loose.

I'm alive.

He gives my hand a squeeze, my heart a squeeze, then lets go of my hand--but not my heart. "How are you?"

How am I? I'm in love with you! Maddeningly, painfully, desperately in love with you! "I'm… fine." I pray I'm not blushing. But how can my skin keep my feelings inside? It can't possibly. "And you?"

"I'll do." He grins knowingly. Maybe he knows.

Oh heavens. What if he knows?

His dark eyes, so agonizingly beautiful, touch me deep inside, brush across the secrets of my heart. He smiles, slowly… ever so slowly.


Stop it, stop it, stop it. I can't take it anymore! I'll scream! Stop making me love you like this! But please, I beg of you, don't stop! Never stop! "Yes, Caelan?" How am I managing to survive? I'm overwhelmed, drowning in a painfully beautiful sea of madness.

"Would you like to look at the stars with me?"