Jack Robertson woke up having nothing planned for the day. It was summer and he was a college student on vacation. Jack loved summer vacation; he could spend all day just lounging around the empty house. Both of his parents went to work early and usually didn't get back till late afternoon. This usually meant that Jack could spend most of the day doing whatever he wanted. Today, though, Jack would have never have guessed that the world around him was going to change drastically.

Jack got up at his usual time doing his usual routine. Morning passed by uneventful but comfortably for Jack until a large shockwave hit the house. When the shockwave hit, there was an incredible force that was delivered to everything. The results were devastating, the entire Jack's entire house was in ruin; windows were shattered and everything inside was tossed around. Jack was no exception to the rule, when it hit he found himself hurling towards the wall and was knocked out.

When Jack awoke, he found his house in rubble. It took a while for the things around him to sink in and when it did he hurried outside. Devastating would be an understatement if used to describe what Jack saw. His house was not the only thing affected but his entire neighborhood. Cars were upturned, houses were literally falling apart and somehow even the street was destroyed. The worst part was the bodies; Jack was lucky that he was inside and hit a wall some of his neighbors were not. Some of bodies were hanging around lifeless while others were impaled by various objects. And there was blood. Jack stared at the scene before him and then started vomiting.

After vomiting and trying to calmly assess what to do next Jack came to the conclusion of trying to find any other survivors than him. Jack started his search through one of his neighbor's houses.

"Hello, is anyone still alive?" Jack yelled through the ruined house.

There was no response. Jack began to look through the house and found nobody alive. He did the same thing with the other houses with the same result. It then donned on him that most of his neighbors were either working, on vacation, or dead. Jack was utterly and completely alone. Jack was beginning to panic and then remembered his cell phone. He quickly got it out only to find it dead. Jack was sure that he charged last night.

It took him a while to plan his next move. Jack wanted to be careful about his decision he was about to make. After a few thoughtful minutes he decided to look around beyond his neighborhood. Jack went back to his house and got into his car. When he turned the key the engine wouldn't start. Jack the proceeded to do the same with his neighbor's cars with the same result. Jack was puzzled at this phenomenon but didn't let worry about it too much. Instead he dug out his bike from the garage and began biking down the street.

Jack biked on for about two hours finding out that where he looked everything was the same. Everything was in ruins and there was no one in sight. This was very unsettling for Jack and began to worry what actually had happened. He had thought what had happened to him was an isolated incident; he would have never assumed that it would have gone on for miles on end. Jack continued biking till he got hungry and ate dinner, which was scavenging through a local mart for food. There was still no sign of any people besides himself. After resting for an hour he resumed biking. This time he had found a backpack and loaded it up with found before setting off. Jack wanted to be prepared just in case.

Jack continued to bike till nightfall. By that time he had already past several cities in the same disastrous ruin his home was in. He also did not find anybody alive, though he decided he wasn't going to continue checking bodies to see whether or not they were alive anymore. Now, more than anything else, Jack wanted to find some semblance of civilization, or any proof that that there were more people than those of the dead that surrounded him.

As it was getting dark Jack started to prepare for camping out and found out that his flashlight did not work. Jack suddenly started to cry. He hated being how fruitless his search was going, he hated that everything around him was suddenly dead and most of all he hated being alone. Jack had never felt so alone in the world. After a few minutes he pulled himself together. Jack decided to take shelter in a house that looked stable enough to support itself and give a roof over his head. He made a fire by burning things that looked like it would be able to burn and sustain a fire. As Jack lied down and stared at the fire that glowed warmly next to him, he thought of how his friends and family were doing, if his parents were okay, and other such thoughts that came and went through his mind. Jack slowly fell asleep watching the fire; his last thought was that he would continue looking tomorrow. As dark as his world seemed at the moment, a tiny glitter of hope laid at the back of Jack's mind thinking that everything will be okay.