Jack could feel the color drain from his face when he saw the bloodhounds. What was worse was that not only were the mob equipped with guns but also a variety of sharp objects. The mob was having the dogs sniff the bike all over for his scent. Jack quickly ran back through the woods trying to find mud or anything that had a strong smell. He found several spots of moist dirt and immediately began to cover himself in it. He climbed a tree again hoping that it would work. Jack could hear the clamoring of several people and the barking of dogs. Jack's heart was beating in his ears and he could feel himself producing sweat all over his body. The dogs barked and snarled but when they neared Jack's hiding place they stopped and started to whine.

Jack gave a silent sigh of relief. He started to calm down and continued to watch everyone from above. They continued to search for about thirty minutes then a fog horned rang through the forest. Upon hearing the fog horn, everyone retreated for a second time. Jack waited, again, to be sure that everyone was gone. He climbed down slowly; just to be sure they weren't after him again. A sudden gust of wind came from the direction of the city which made Jack's eyes widen. He smelled smoke and quickly turned towards the direction of the city. Fire and smoke were coming from the city. They were burning the entire forest down.

The fires were spreading fast. The dry wood on the forest floor was accelerating the flames towards him. The flames were also swiftly going around the edges of the forest. Another gust of wind reached Jack's nose and smelled gas. The mob had poured gas all around forest to ensure he didn't escape. Jack was guessing now that they didn't care about his head now and just wanted him dead. Jack started running away from the city to reach the far end of the forest. Jack reached the far end of the forest only to be blocked by a large wall of fire in front of him. The fire was raging furiously. Jack looked back at and saw that the fire was still coming after him. He knew he couldn't stay there because of the heat and the fire burning up all the oxygen.

Jack backed up a bit and started running towards the flames. He was hoping that it wouldn't be too thick and he wouldn't be burned to badly. Unfortunately, it was a rather thick wall of fire and his clothes caught on fire. Jack saved himself from major burn by trying to continue his momentum by rolling and continued to roll just in case he caught on fire. Luckily for him no one was there waiting for him.

Jack found himself on a street that was empty. Even though he was singed and tired he knew he had to continue on in case the mob decided to search for him again. Jack had been forced to leave behind his bike and all of his food behind. He doubted that any of it would still be there and he didn't want to risk another run in with the mob. Jack, as tired as he was, trekked down the desolate road, tired and alone and hoping to get out of this hellish life.


I don't know the physics of fire or that if you jump through flames if you can survive. I have no clue how this works so please just go with the story.